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  • Bangalore

    I found this site set up by a loyal JW who wants to refute books like "Crisis Of Conscience" and "Captives Of A Concept". I thought loyal JW's were not even supposed to read such books.


  • jookbeard

    took a very brief read through it could not see any of Franz' works refuted, and was Cameron ever a JW? his stuff looks fairly conclusive, JW apologist rhetoric does not really prove anything other then reinforce Cameron's views

  • jookbeard

    some of the points the blogger refutes simply magnify the WTS's failed prophecies and false doctrine, enforcing the WTS as being a true Apostate, the guy incidently highlights even more the WTS lies, funny in some ways.

  • teel

    It's an excellent case study of delusion. I only read the first entry yet, where he continually quotes from the May 1 st 1957 Watchtower, proving that he can "take whatever theocratic steps are open for us", while not realizing that the only theocratic step open for a JW is "wait on Jehovah". What a joke

  • blondie

    Don Cameron, as a former member of a Body of Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses has much experience with the Watchtower Society. According to Cameron, "The concept that still holds millions of Jehovah's Witnesses captive is their belief that the Watchtower Society is God's chosen organization to teach them what he wants them to believe; that all of God’s directions to mankind comes through this one 'channel of communication.'" Don Cameron goes on to show that the teachings of the Watchtower have changed since 1919, therefore making the basis upon which they were chosen as God's organization (their "correct" teaching) to no longer be valid.

  • teel

    How convenient, moderated comments... let me guess... no criticism will be allowed.

  • leavingwt

    Everything I've read by JW apologists always leads back to the same point: Follow the Slave. They are blindly devoted to the concept that WT is God's Organization, and they work from there.

    If a person is content with whatever rolls of of WT printing presses, rather than following the evidence, they are blind followers, with no hope of ever realizing the facts.

    The best thing about JW apologist sites, is they give the names/titles of apostate books, which might lead a few active JWs to examine such books. There is no risk of an apologist site motivating an ex-JW to return. They're preaching to the mind-controlled choir.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I glanced at the blog. All this guy is doing is highlighting Cameron's book. That would make any curious person aware of and desirous of reading the book. Cameron's logic is simple and anyone who reads it will follow it easily. It can be refuted, but it takes more WT gymnastics to do so.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Illogical argument will eventually open more minds than it can keep closed. I hope 100 of these sites pop up.


  • sd-7

    From the site:

    From this quote we can clearly see that Charles Taze Russell did not teach he was the ‘faithful slave’ and in fact, never did. It is true that some Bible Students believed Russell was the ‘faithful slave’, however was the Society teaching this in their magazines?

    Sure, from 1897 to 1927, Bible Students “generally” held that Russell was the ‘faithful servant’ but does this mean they were actively teaching that or does it mean they were actively preaching that? No.

    It is clear Cameron’s conclusion is erroneous in comparison to what Russell actually taught, and his faulty logic into reading something into the quotation of the Proclaimers book makes one question his honesty.

    Quote from The Finished Mystery, page 6 (1917):

    "Pastor Russell was a man of unusual modesty...The examination of the contents of this book will disclose the fact that...[and I'm not taking it out of context, it's in the same sentence--there are a LOT of semi-colons in this paragraph]...the earthly creature made prominent therein above all others is the messenger of the Laodicean Church--"that wise and faithful servant of the Lord"--CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL."

    If one attempts to refute an argument based on incomplete information, one will inevitably find oneself in the position that the author of this site is in. Here, in a publication that was printed and distributed hundreds of thousands of times, Russell is referred to as "that wise and faithful servant" in big, bold letters.

    Russell may not have actually taught that he was 'the faithful slave', but after his death, his successors had no problem declaring him as such to the public, as the above quote clearly indicates. This is just one point on which this guy is dead wrong. It's in black and white. I didn't make it up. It's right there in The Finished Mystery.

    It would be wise to gather the evidence before attempting to defend one's belief. That's just common sense. The Proclaimers book just doesn't provide any evidence save spin-doctoring to explain away very serious mistakes.

    I could go on,'d just be a waste of time. Cameron was right in that people will believe what they want to, in spite of the facts.


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