Air Canada Crash, oops, I mean "hard landing"

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  • Simon

    Just watched the news about the Air Canada crash in Halifax that they want to claim was just a "hard landing".

    I can only imagine the distinction matters for insurance purposes otherwise they are just being idiots. Pretty poor behavior for the airline whatever the motivation IMO.

    Now i'm no plane expert but I think when then plane is smashed up, the engines have come off and the nose is in pieces that should be obviously classed as a crash. If you can't take off again then you have been in a crash, not a hard landing.

    In other news, more info is coming out about the "hard landing" (into a mountain) of the Germanwings plane ...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    I'll take the Canadian version of a hard landing over the Lufthansa version any day.
  • Finkelstein

    Its not surprising that the executive heads of Air Canada are down playing the incident, considering the possible laws suits of negligence, not to mention safety issues that the company is being scrutinized over by the media.

    Would like to know what really happened with this situation.

  • hoser
    If it ain't a Boeing I ain't going
  • Prefect
    That looks like a scrapper.
  • Simon
    It'll buff out.
  • Tater-T
    if no one got hurt it's a hard landing.. imo
  • prologos
    any landing is good, that you walk away from. Boeing vs Airbus? Boeing goes "bboingg!!" too. snow tires and chains should be mandatory in winter on Canadian planes except on foreign landings / takeoffs at YVR. just kidding about skidding.
  • Simon
    I think Airbus has the better safety record per million miles. Well, I read it on the internet so it must be true.
  • prologos
    similar accident: July 6, 2013,-- Boeing 777 landing short at San Francisco runway. pilot error. no snow.

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