Thoughts on Dr. Charles Stanley (InTouch Ministries)?

by Mr. Monday Night 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mr. Monday Night
    Mr. Monday Night

    ...I heard him use Gods name, Jehovah, many times on his programs (I'm not sure on his books...I havent read any of them).

    IMO- I think he's one of the best preachers out there...

    If you dont know him , check him out on



  • Gopher

    After I parted ways with the JW's, I considered "replacing" them with another form of religion. The only TV preacher that even came close to impressing me favorably was Charles Stanley. I liked the general positiveness of his message. From what I remember, it didn't seem like he adhered to the prosperity theology which is thinly veiled greed.

    However I heard Stanley say one day that you've got to follow this certain way, or else there would be a price to pay. It caused a clenching feeling and made me realize that all organized religions have a man (or a group of people) who tell you what their idea of God is, how he should be served, and "you'd better listen or else", etc. I decided that during my first 39 years of life (as a JW) I'd been preached to, and preached to others, much more than a person should have in one lifetime.

  • Satanus

    I used to like listening to him. He was on a christian radio station in plattsburg.


  • Brymichmom

    I think he's pretty good. He interviewed some ex JW's on his show about a year or two ago.


  • Mr. Monday Night
    Mr. Monday Night

    Brymichmom: I did see an interview one time that an ex-jw was on his program. She was channel surfing one night and decided to watch him speak & heard him say "Jehovah" during one of his talks....and right there then she started picking up her bible again.



  • mouthy

    I made that woman a Jehovahs Witness when she was 18 years old
    Her hubby was a JW who committed suicide.
    Yes Charles Stanley was telling folks how to be born again.

    She said the prayer & is now a Wonderful Christian speaking in Many Churches
    Thanks Charlie for rescuing a sheep that I lead astray

  • Mr. Monday Night
    Mr. Monday Night

    I'm glad she still able to preach and talk about God in many churches while she went through all that.

    "Thanks Charlie for rescuing a sheep that I lead astray "

    Mouthy - Dont put yourself down. Back then you thought it was the "truth". Forgive yourself! May God bless you!



  • mouthy

    May God bless you!

    Thanks Mr Monday....To forgive myself is very hard..
    I was a Mother that was hard on my kids ,no sports at school,
    No Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines ,you know. Melanie is DEAD!!!
    Annmarie is still a JW!!! My Alan is DEAD!!! He was Not a JW & I made
    life very hard for him, nagging him to be one...
    I do believe Christ forgives BUT!!! I think of how hard I was now I am alone
    I was mean to my hubby also, telling him daily how he HAD to become a JEHOVAHS
    Witness It was on his death bed he wanted to be one..I was just beginning to doubt then
    about 1914....& the fact that I wasnt getting to the hall( looking after my dying hubby)&
    nobody was coming to visit ......Where was the love????

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Some of his talks are on UCB radio over here.

    I like listening to him when I get chance.

  • jaguarbass

    I used to watch him in the 90's and read his magazine.

    If you choose to be a Christian, he seems to be a good preacher.

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