i don't like to dig deep into the bible... am i bad?

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  • ?me?

    i totally appreciate the posters who have a ton of bible knowledge and love research, but me being a witness for a few decades find myself not really interested in many of the discussions here and at the meeting. the current "grace/undeserved kindness" post by sir82 is a prime example.

    first off i do know that my personality is to be sceptical about most things, and i usually focus on things that i can see or are more simple, especially if it is a topic i am less interested in.

    but am i bad because i don't really care if jesus died on a cross of stake? or i am not interested in trying to figure out when (and IF ) jehovah is going to take care of wicked people or resurrect dead people........ i kind of figure WE WILL FIND OUT WHEN IT HAPPENS.

    sometimes if feel stupid about bible things, but i take pride in trying to live by the basic bible principles and laws (about stealing, adultery, bad language, etc), although i do have a good deal of general knowledge about the bible, i could care less about breaking down the different "loves" in the hebrew language or greek language, or whatever..... i guess i have a similar knowledge of the scriptures as the "christians" before the WTS "helped us figure it out" starting around 1900


  • megaflower

    Not at all. Personally, I find the bible boring, esp certain books like Ezekiel, Numbers. I was in for over 20 years and tried to use the publications and peer into the deeper things but basically it put me to sleep. I have been out about 2 years now and have read a number of books to prove to myself that the WTS is rubbish, COC is one example. My conclusion, I wasted over 20 years for that dumba$$ org. As a witness we where suppose to read only the society's publications which really stunted me. I have been researching other beliefs and theory's and this has been interesting.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I concur zzzzzzzzzz

  • cameo-d

    No you are not bad!

    Just be sure you do know enough that when anyone tries to influence you about religion (s) you can hold your own and not be made to feel guilty about anything!

    And in the meantime I will try to make my research on topics more lively.

    All that same stuff used to be boring to me, too.

  • VoidEater

    but am i bad because i don't really care if jesus died on a cross of stake?


  • lancelink

    I understand you totally, because I have felt this way for years, and dealt with the guilt myself.

    While we were JW's, my wife was / is the type of person who just devoured bible knowledge

    I never could get into the "meaty" things,,,,, just too boring for me.

    i kind of figure WE WILL FIND OUT WHEN IT HAPPENS.

    Sums it up for me, and like you I try to live by principals, not mind - numbing facts.

    Thanks for the post, and putting the feelings into words !!!

  • moshe

    Reading the Bible is almost as much fun as reading Moby Dick.

  • Gopher

    Hey question-mark me,

    If you really want some interesting Bible study that incorporates your skeptical point of view, please pay this website a visit:


  • finallysomepride


    Thanks for that link, never been there b4, but looks very interesting and talks about many of the things, bad things done in the name of God.


  • Leolaia

    Moby Dick wasn't as fun to read as Typee, I'll grant you that.

    --Leolaia, literature "nut"

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