ok roll up your sleeves and get stuck into this one! ( you will love this!)

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  • Opus92

    They lost me at "A postates and other opposers".

  • freetosee

    is the website well known among jws?

    I find their link quite upsetting.. http://thirdwitness.com/childabuse/default.html

  • AnnOMaly

    ok well what would you say to the arguement that 578 makes the rest of the bible fall apart and that time wise dosn't fit?

    I would say 'Baloney!' to that argument. It is completely and utterly false. The year 587 does NOT make the rest of the Bible fall apart in any way. On the contrary, the 587 timeline harmonizes far better with the Bible record than does 607. However, 587 does make the WT interpretation of the Bible fall apart and that, in WT apologists' mindlocked heads, amounts to the same thing LOL.



    "Thirdwitness" and "Scholar JW"..

    The Best..

    The WBT$ has to Offer!..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Good one Outlaw

    The information on this page might be interesting to some.


  • Farkel

    :there is not one since outside referance that i can find on this website, its all bible based. Which they say is the best way of finding out the turth about the real date.

    This is a logical fallacy known as a "biased sample" which is a category of the "special pleading" fallacy. They are only accepting evidence which supports their assertion.

    Any half-assed scholar would laugh them right out of the room. Our own "scholar" is only a 1/8th assed scholar, so he doesn't count.


  • VoidEater

    Truth is helpless in the face of belief.

  • WTWizard

    When you tamper with the Bible and give some stupid explanation using scriptures out of context, you can come up with 607 BC. And, when your whole doctrine hinges on it, you are going to be programmed to defend it.

    That doesn't make it right, however. What they do is disregard all evidence that is not from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, meaning the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger could be wrong and the witlesses would not catch it.

  • joelingeorgia

    even if 607 BC is correct, the wacky reasoning to come up with 2520 years using handpicked scriptures from all over the bible are quite ridiculous. Indeed, it was while teaching this doctrine to a Bible study that I lost my faith. I quite pioneering soon after and never regained my faith in the Watchtower society's teachings.

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