Photo of GB 2006

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  • free2beme

    Is the black one named

    Brother Token Blackman

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    IMO, this is conspiracy theorism run amok.

    Possible scenario #1:

    Photo on Titus' thread was taken in 2006.

    Photo in book was taken in 2008.

    Same old codgers, (minus Barber), mostly the same suits, same room. No huge Occam's razor to hurdle.

    Possible scenario #2:

    Only one photo was taken and the Art Dept Photoshop folks had to do the following:

    Change Anthony Morris' suit from gray to dark blue.

    Open Losch's mouth to show some teeth.

    Open Lett's mouth to (almost) show some teeth.

    Change Splane's tie from blue to red.

    Make Splane sit down at the table and put his right hand on it.

    Use a "blue screen" on the GB in the first place so that the fake background can be moved around and still have realistic looking details.


    I'll go with William of Occam and vote for Scenario #1.

    Just my tuppence.


  • slimboyfat
    Photo on Titus' thread was taken in 2006.

    Photo in book was taken in 2008.

    Not possible. Look at their expressions (apart from Splane and Lett). It's the same photo.

    I wouldn't call it a conspiracy. Just a bit odd. I never even noticed about Loesch's teeth!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    "Not possible."

    I wouldn't go that far on any speculative explanation we come up with.

    Why is it "not possible" that these old coots can't plaster on the same "say Bethel Cheese" expression on command?

    It's creepy, but Ted Jaracz, puts on that same rigor mortis smile in photo after photo.

    Here's a couple more required details for Scenario #2 to be true, focusing on the background this time:

    1. In the book photo, Jackson's left ear lobe just reaches the edge of the two dark volumes on the book case behind him. In Titus' photo, his ear lobe goes half-way across the volume.

    2. In the book photo, Lett's body is barely blocking the frame of the picture on the wall behind him. In Titus' photo he's blocking out roughly a third of the picture.

    3. The book on the table. In the book, it's farther out onto the table than it is in Titus' photo. Take a look at the grain of the board going across the middle of the table for a reference point.

    Scenario 2 is certainly possible, but, given the many more details it would take to pull it off, Scenario 1 seems more likely to me.

    Oh yeah, in fairness, I need to add this to scenario #1:

    1. Old coots can reliably put on the same cheesy expression on demand.


  • FreeAtLast1914

    The token black guy still cracks me up when I see one of these. Can a club get anymore exclusive? No Mexicans, no Asians, no islanders, no women. I bet he has nightmares of Adam Sandler standing over him, yelling, "They're all gonna laugh at you!"

  • Gorbatchov


    Nice posting! I have scenario 3: they took different pictures on the same occasion: they knew Barber had not much days left.

    The position of Jarracs is the same, see his suit.

    The big question is: why this kind of efficiency for only taking a picture of the top management of the WTS? It's Soviet style PR.


  • countolaf

    Here are both of the images, one superimposed over the other. Apologies for my poor image editing skills.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Hey, I just noticed if you blow up Ted's glasses real big you can see the reflection of the i-Phone in his lap and he's reading JWN!

    The more I stare at these pictures, the more the right sides look almost identical and the left sides are different. Particularly when you look at the folds and creases in the suits. Weird. If it was photo-shopped, what would the reason be? It's not like Barber went the way of Ray Franz.

    Anybody with Graphics Arts experience out there?

    The freedom of the Western World hangs in the balance.


  • lancelink

    Is that Captain Picard with glasses sitting on the far right.

    And the guy sitting second from the left kinda looks like an older Oompa without his hood on.

  • Slayerbard

    who knows maybe more of them are dead than they want the dubs to beleive. and there covering up others are running the show now? who knows.. but ya it does look like the SAME picture. Some minor changes. But we know the guy in the art department have some skill and could probably do it. It's just creepy that there in the same pose and everyting especially the guys on the right there. *shivers* and is it me or do most of them look way too young? than the 90 something there supposed to be, or should I say that dubs are lead to beleive they are.

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