Common JW Response to Apostates

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  • KingDavidwasframed

    One of the things I hear from JWs and even my mother is "If being a JW is so bad, where else would we go?" or along the same line, but different wording "I know the society isn't perfect, but where else do they teach about Jehovah?"

    So I got to thinking last night, is there REALLY a FDS? Not one that acts as judge and jury, but one that actually feeds its Masters people like they are supposed to. After knowing what I have found out since being on this site and reading CoC, I know it isn't the fan club that bears God's name. But is there someone or something out there that is providing food at the proper time?

    Personally, I do not mind my children at the present time being raised JW by their mother (my psycho ex) for the purpose of getting some Bible instruction and public speaking experience. But as time goes on, I drop points for them to consider and meditate on without earning the "apostate" label giving their mother ammo against me. But realistically, does anyone know of a group (not organization - but group) that is unified, Bible based and not wakko?

    Also, not related, but I tried to access and got a page saying that it was forbidden. I found their videos on YouTube educational. But does anyone know how to access their site?

  • cantleave

    Please be careful that your children don't get indoctrinated, or 9 year is having difficulty letting go and we are both fading.

  • Finally-Free
    So I got to thinking last night, is there REALLY a FDS?

    The WTS is the FDS because the WTS says so. They offer no evidence to support this, but what more does anyone need?

    There is no FDS. It was nothing more than a parable that the JWs conveniently twisted to serve their own purpose.


  • Alwayshere

    That's what my daughter said "But I don't know where else to take my Kids." Matthew 11:29-30, Jesus said " come to me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." It's not easy being a JW and it is a heavy load they require. Plus it is nothing but a cult filled with lies.

  • KingDavidwasframed

    I already know my oldest, a son is, he doesn't talk to me or make any attempt to even though I reach out to him all the time. His mother is really inside his head and the local brothers make a point of including him in activities and reinforcing how evil I am to him (even though, I really am not evil - if you get to know me, I am one of the most peaceful and loving people you would know). My girls however cannot get enough of me. They tell everyone they are going to move in with me when they are older (which would be great because I miss them so much). Over here, you have to be between 12-14 to decide which parent you want to live with. One of them will be 12 shortly, but I do not know if it would be fair to have just the one here and not the other as well.

    Years ago, I remember thinking about how Jehovah lost a third of His sons to the Devil and thinking how I could never pick which one of my 3 would leave me or hoping none would. Funny how my leaving the org and his mother caused my son (1/3) to choose to not have anything to do with me. I hope someday he sees and understands why what had to happen did.

  • garyneal

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    So I got to thinking last night, is there REALLY a FDS?

    Technically no, at least not in a sense of how the WT teaches it. Now, from what I understand I think the faithful and wise servant (or FDS) really composes of the whole body of Christ. In other words, all Christians. What the WTS teaches is a total sham.

    But is there someone or something out there that is providing food at the proper time?

    The best I can come up with is the Holy Spirit working within the body of Christ. Again, that makes the whole body of Christ the faithful and wise servant.

    But realistically, does anyone know of a group (not organization - but group) that is unified, Bible based and not wakko?

    Be careful not to confuse unity with conformity. Compared to our country, countries with dictatorial governments appear unified but would anyone trade our seemingly chaotic government for one that forces all of its members to conform to one set of dictates?

    I don't think there is one church denomination that offers what the witnesses offer and if there was, it would most likely be just as culty as the witnesses. All Bible believing churches are united in Christ even though they may occasionally 'bicker' about peripheral doctrines.

  • Chalam

    First thing to note is the verse says "to whom" not "where" shall we go, every credible version agrees

    John 6:68-69 (English Standard Version)

    68 Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, 69 and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God."

    The person to go to for eternal life is Jesus, none other John 14:6

    JWs are described perfectly here

    John 5:39-40 (English Standard Version)

    39 You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.

    I know the society isn't perfect, but where else do they teach about Jehovah?

    Tell her, wrong question, any amount of teaching regarding Jehovah won't bring eternal life, only coming to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life John 14:6



  • cameo-d

    There is someone at the top of the foodchain passing orders down.

    FDS is as good a name as any, I suppose.

    It represents some invisible entity that the GB takes direction from.

    There are other cults that are Illuminati downline as well.

    The FDS is the eye in the pyramid.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    I'm probably not the best person to answer this question since I'm not convinced of the Bible's inspired nature. With that caveat, here are my thoughts.

    Be careful not to get sucked into JW theological traps. The whole FDS doctrine is a perfect example of this. Just because the WTS interprets this parable a certain way does not mean that settles the matter. Think about it. If the FDS is really a clergy-type class that makes rules for Christians, why did none of the Apostles or Bible writers refer to themselves (or anyone else) as the FDS? Paul had a perfect opportunity when setting out the headship principle (1 Corinthians 11:3). He said that it's God-->Jesus-->man-->woman. Notice the glaring omission of any "FDS" in that equation.

    Thus, the FDS likely means something else. Perhaps Jesus was simply referring to Christians who help one another (providing food at the proper time). This would fit in with other scriptures, such as those discussing an "interchange of encouragement," "not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together," and "wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in may name, there I am also."

    But what about the "appointment" over "all my belongings"? As you know, the WTS teaches that this occurred in 1919 when Jesus appointed the FDS (theoretically the anointed remnant, but for all practical purposes Rutherford and the WTS) over the "belongings" which include all other JWs. There's practically no scriptural support for this doctrine--the WTS tries to twist the eponymous language of Malachi 3--but it's a real stretch.

    I think a more reasonable (and Scriptural, for what it's worth) interpretation of the "appointment" is that when an anointed Christian dies and goes to heaven to rule, Jesus appoints him (along with other heavenly resurrected Christians) over his belongings, such as the earth.

    To sum it up: There's no evidence that the early Christians considered the "FDS" to be a set of church leaders. That term is not even used (or hinted at) in the New Testament other than in Matt and Luke where Jesus gave the parables. If this was such a crucial doctrine, wouldn't Paul, Peter, James, John, etc., have mentioned it? To the contrary, this complete absence of the FDS doctrine in the early church strongly indicates that the FDS does not mean what the WTS claims it means.

  • moshe

    Caine to Master Po: ( Kung FU, 1975- the unfinished episode)

    Why do the unseen F&DS who give me "meat in due season", still leave me feeling so hungry?

    Master Po:

    Grasshopper, I told you not to talk to strangers in leisure suits, bearing paper promises- what do you think you are, a termite?


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