Why am I Renouncing My JW Faith...( in the spirit of CANTLEAVE posts)

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  • tjlibre

    In the spirit of cantleave’s threads titled Why Would Someone Like me Leave the "Truth"? I felt motivated to write a mini account on why would someone like me leave the “truth”.

    My father was one of the leaders of the Socialist Movement party in my country of origin, as such, he was influenced by the Marxism’s view on religion, Karl Marx once said “Religion the Opiate of the Masses”. Because of this, religion was not an important subject at home. My father had to leave the country due to three attempts to take his life, to his dismay, the only country where he could be safe from his persecutors was the good’ol USA (he hid himself in Germany, Japan and another Latin American country for a short period of time). So, my mother was left to raise 4 children alone (my father made sure that we had financial support while he was in hiding, when thing cooled down, he kept in touch and provided for all of our financial needs). Even though my father was gone, my mother had no religious inclination. So, in essence I grew up in a home with no religion, free to make my own choice sort of speak.

    In my pre-teens years I began to show interest in religious and spiritual matters. I joined the Catholic Church for a while, but the favoritism shown to the children from my town’s well off families made me leave. I then joined a small evangelical church, but I noticed that while the flock had a difficult time making ends meats, the pastor had a nice big house, brand new cars and his kids did not play with the flock’s children.

    Fast forward, my father managed to get us out of our country into the USA. I now had to get adjusted to a totally new lifestyle, new language, new people, new society, etc. But above all, I had to get acquaintance with my father, whom I have not seen in person for almost 10 years. One fateful Saturday morning…the JW came knocking at my door. I took “bible” studies twice a week, quickly progressed into the “truth” and against my father wishes…I got baptized before reaching my 18 th birthday.

    After high school, I new in my mind that I was going to college…no questions asked. This was important to me, as it was my first act of defiance against my mother’s whishes, see…I’m no referring to my real mother, but to the “Mother Organization”. All the young ones in my KH used to tell me how wrong I was in pursuing a higher education in this “dying system of things”, “there will be no need for lawyers or doctors in the New World”, “you are more interest in material things than putting God’s kingdom first”, “they teach evil thing in college that will make you doubt God”, “there is drugs, alcohol, and lots of immorality in college”…so they said. I soon realized why the WT is so adamant about young JW getting a higher education. They are afraid of JW having access to information, on developing research skills, they are afraid of JW broadening their horizons, on being exposed to new ideas, on developing real critical thinking skills. They are afraid of JW questioning the establishment. What about protection from drugs, sex and alcohol? That’s a façade, based on my own experience, I got offered marijuana only once, never got drunk and the possibility of un-marital sex was present, but not at the pervasive level that the WT likes to picture it.

    One of the big discoveries and the genesis of my semi-apostate ways came one day when I decided to look up some of the books cited in the “Reasoning From the Scriptures” book (almost 99% of the works cited by the society were available at the University’s library). The research that was meant to solidify my faith in the JW religion, actually made the first crack on the foundation of my faith.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great that you learned about an education. I don't want to support any of WT's theories, but most people are offered marijuana more than once, many do get drunk and give in to "un-marital sex." But that's not college's fault. For many JW's, it's simply a matter of bottling up all those hormones and curiosities, then they let them out. For others, it's just life.

    Most of the JW youth that "experimented" did so whether they went to college or not. The only ones I knew of that didn't experiment with sex were the ones who ran out and got married young or were totally wrapped up in WTS doctrine and beliefs that college would not have caused them to go off the deep end.

    Getting drunk is not a sin that one should be struck with lightning by God for committing. A little experimentation in alcohol and drugs is normal. It's no reason for parents to shun their child, as a matter of fact- that's when the child needs the parent most to help them find balance.

  • KingDavidwasframed

    Is there more to the story?

  • cantleave

    Thanks for sharing.

  • teel

    +1 thanks.

    It's nice to read life stories that don't start with: "I was approached by two guards, and told an ultimatum: renounce my faith or die. But how did I end up in this situation? Let me tell you from the beginning."

  • nugget

    Thank you for sharing. Its not the people it's the books that the society is afraid of. After all millions of people from other faiths manage to go to university without going into spiritual meltdown . I always believed that it was primarily the association the society objected to now I know that is not the case.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite

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