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    Thanks for posting mouthy!

    I'm not perfect either my love dont worry about it

    I do lots of wrong things on here but the put up with me cos I am OLD!!!

  • abbagail

    Good job, yalbmert99, on the subliminals. The WT is not the only "religion" with demonic subliminals. Get the very revealing DVD, "Rape of the Soul," by artist and Catholic filmmaker Michael Calace: http://www.rapeofthesoul.com/

    If you don't want to wait to receive the DVD, you can download specific chapters/videos straight from their site (small fee): http://www.rapeofthesoul.com/chapters.html . But the full DVD is best.

    LA Weekly

    Washington Post

    World Net Daily

    "imdb.com" "Rad Trad Reviews" "Yahoo Movies"

    "The Library of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has acquired the transcript of "Rape of the Soul" for the permanent collection." http://www.rapeofthesoul.com/news.html

    Until a "professional" documentary is done on the WT subliminals, people will likely continue to scoff at the idea, especially if they insist on keeping their heads in the sand regarding the occult nature of the globalist agenda. Their demonic subliminals are everywhere, not just in "religious literature."

    Two other tomes of evidence with thousands of pictures:




  • yalbmert99

    Thanks mouthy!

    Thanks abbagail! Yes, some people will still deny subliminals images, but they are really there, no doubt about it. It is a proof that the Watchtower is one of the greatest hoax in human history...

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Yes, some people will still deny subliminals images, but they are really there, no doubt about it.

    The first image on that page requires the use of a mirror to create it .

    You might like it....

    ....but the Watchtower likes it too....

    .....because it makes you look like a nut job and throws the credibility of your entire site into question.

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