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  • babygirl30

    AT my old job, they made a BIG deal out of donating to United Way. So much so, they when you were hired they had a special form that you signed stating exactly how much out of your pay you wanted them to directly take OUT biweekly and give to UW!! Every 3 mos they had a 'drive' to earn more money (book sales, bake sales, walk-a-thons) and back THEN - I thought this was extremely greedy!!!! AT the time I was still a JW and my mother always told me that charities were a waste of money, most of the money went to 'salaries of the workers' NOT the actual charity, and that the money was only a 'temporary fix for what God's kingdom would fix forever'! So I would thumb my nose at all those people asking for donations and volunteering their time for their charities of choice.

    ...then I got my ass kicked by my abusive ex (a JW mind u) and it was recommended by my therapist that I attend FREE support 'group' mtgs for women who were survivors of domestic violence at the local shelter/coalition in my area. When I told my mother about this, and how GOOD I felt after going to my 1st mtg and being around others who had gone through the same things I did - she about had a nervous breakdown!!! TOld me I needed to rely more on Jehovah. The elders inquired on my 'recovery' from what had happened and I too admitted that 75% of my emotional health was being regained through this group for victims...they nicely reminded me that it wasn't 'mans' help that I needed but to strengthen my relationship with Jehovah in order for me to 'get better', and that I needed to pray and study more. Uh huh...........yeah...........ok............whatever. I continued going to the groups, and now over a year later, am joining their BOARD as an active member so that I can give back and am also taking the position where I will be actively SPEAKING against DV in the community!! I cant justify using their services, credit them for helping me get my life back on track (when the org tossed me OUT by DFing me) - then walk away without so much as even a 'thanks'. They helped ME, and so I now feel no guilt in helping others be it with my time or finances. Its the least I can for what was given to me.

  • teel
    it wasn't 'mans' help that I needed but to strengthen my relationship with Jehovah in order for me to 'get better', and that I needed to pray and study more

    I'm a bit offtopic here, but it's so annoying that this advice is practically the only one they'll ever give. And if it fails (like in my case), they say that it was your fault, your weren't doing your best . Just like those "miracle healers" the JWs like to scorn: their method is perfect, the fault is in you.

  • zzaphod

    It always amazed me that the JW`s would always put down any and all charities, even the ones like Babygirl30 discribe above. They never believe that people do that sort of thing for the right reason, ie. love of their fellow man/woman, and a genuine desire to help.

    I think the situation you found yourself in is more common in the witnesses than they like to admit.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    As an Organization, yes, they discourage any donations other than to themselves. However, at a personal level, there are many JWs that do donate to different charities. So, it's not fair at all to generalize. I contribute whenever asked to cancer-related charities.


  • cameo-d

    Watchtower is taking $$ away from real charity orgs by signing up with United Way!

    Well, if that isn't rubbing elbows with worldie groups I don't know what is!

    How dare they have their hand out for money and deprive real charities!

    And I see they were quick to get their dirty laundry off the line by having the page promptly removed!

    Interesting post, Blondie!

  • zzaphod

    "So, it's not fair at all to generalize"- DY

    Of course I do not know the personal finances of every Jehovah`s Witness, heck they haven`t talked to me for over 20yrs, my comment was on the practice as I saw it in the 70`s and the `80s and in the congregation I was in and those I visited. I myself always donated to the RNLI even though I couldn`t be further from the sea, but I know it was frowned upon. I think the term "supporting a wordly organisation" was thrown at me often, and whenever any irregularities in a charity was in the news, you can bet your bottom dollar it would be the subject of a talk/study item sooner rather than later.

    But you are right, unfortunatly I don`t think I can alter the thead to The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and it`s attitude towards charities, which would probably be a more accurate description of the point I was trying to make. Apologies for generalising.

    Paul UK

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    Good first post, zzaphod, and welcome to the board.

    Living in Scotland, with many miles of coastline, and lots of dangerous stretches of water, the RNLI are a vital resource. They certainly have my support in what they tirelessly do. I believe that almost all members are unpaid volunteers.

    I've known a few JWs to donate to their charity, although those that do are usually small day-boat or cruise boat sailors with some understanding of the dangers of the sea. Most JWs that I knew 'prided themselves' in not giving one penny to any 'worldly' charity. That used to embarrass me quite a lot when I was 'in'.

    This is the only charity that I've ever known that receives any support from JWs - no money ever for Amnesty International, Salvation Army, Christian Aid, etc. My wife, who's still a JW, refuses to even answer the door when a friendly neighbour calls by to collect for Christian Aid, so I open the door and contribute. The fact that I'm an atheist doesn't mean that I can ignore any of the good work this charity does worldwide.

    When I was in the cult, I remember a brother being counselled by an over zealous elder and told to remove a car sticker saying 'support the lifeboats' from his car window as it 'conveyed the wrong message' for an active JW! I just hope that he never requires to be rescued at sea by a volunteer in a RNLI lifeboat...

    Nasty cult! I escaped in 2003, and am still trying to get over the whole, sad, depressing experience.

    lifelong humanist

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