Jw`s and Charities

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  • jacquicortez

    i work in a hospital i see how much charity is needed...so many people without insurance or under insured..charity is vital.

    i can only imagine the JW's without insurance because lack of education leads to jobs that don't pay well enough to insure

    a family. Many Jw's work part time to spend more time in the ministry. Alot of companies don't offer insurance to pt workers

    I'm sure the local congregation wouldnt foot a medical bill.

  • finallysomepride

    Hi Paul

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes charities, it's the same here in aus & NZ will not give but will surely take without a second thought.

    Many won't even give to beach life saving, but certainly many have been rescued by them.


  • teel
    I was hosck when I found out when they did rebuilding work after a disaster they ask people for their insurance cheques.

    I found out about this practice from this site a while ago. While I see them capable of doing such disgusting thing, the question is, is there an outside proof of this? Or maybe an eyewitness?

    I feel the same, that it's a hypocrisy accepting charity when you give absolutely nothing, but in regard to charity the JWs favourite quote is Gal 6:10 (do good ... especially to those who belong to the family of believers NIV). This practice however makes that quote irrelevant: JWs don't do charity absolutely at all, even to the ones "in faith", what they do is a paid service, they rebuild the house and give food in exchange for the insurance money, just like any other profit oriented company would do it.

  • zzaphod

    To clarify the R.L.N.I. see here


    They are volunteers, and do a job similar to the coastguard and lifeguards do in other countries.

    Paul UK

  • hotspur

    I, too, always questioned this irrational stance on Charities.... the biggest irony being they themselves deem to be one!

    Back in 1992, I got involved with a group in our office who went to Romania to take some relieve goods to an orphanage in North West Romania, Satu Mares. There were four of us who made the trip in two vehicles. We made appearances on local radio etc, - doing all sorts of things locally to collect together relief donations. In the end we had collected around 15 tons of aid. I pondered at the time whether I was doing the right thing after I receieved 'counsel' about what I was doing. I countered by saying, "just show me one thing that is wrong about helping those less fortunate than us?" As you can imagine, I was looked down upon but I still did it. Quite an experience in itself!

    Anyway, my parents frowned upon my activity (I was 40 at the time with 3 kids) but nothing was going to deter me - I was feeiling good about what I was doing. After my return my mother said the strangest of things. "I'm glad you're back safe. Now, I can at least say to critics in FS when they moan about our lack of charitable works, that they are wrong. My son went to Romania with relief goods." She was proud of it too.

    It's as if many JWs have a conscience about this but can't get themselves away from the controlled mindset. Surprise, surprise!

  • designs

    When we were consistently hammered with the message that everything in this world will be toast at the Big A it disconnects a person from normal compassion to their surroundings. And yet the Society apparently has no problem leaning on charities like United Way for money or asking for Insurnace money in their rebuilds.

    It was a mind boggleing journey, and I guess we are still healing from it.

    So help out in your communities, there are many needed services, you'll smile at the end of the day.

  • blondie
  • GLTirebiter

    I remember the night my Ex "Elder-in-law" gave his presentation of the WT hurricane Katrina relief efforts. He was so proud of all the Kingfom Halls being rebuilt, and all the help they gave rebuilding homes for the local Witness families. Everybody else? ZILCH! It left me with a sick feeling that lasts to this day: how can they just walk past all the other people who need help just as much, and not lift a finger? Why don't they heed the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37)?

    The Salvation Army and Red Cross don't care which God you believe in, or if you don't believe in any at all. They practice Christian charity, helping whoever is in need.


  • zzaphod

    Yes, the Salvation Army is one of my facourite charities, and one that the Witnesses view as being totally beyond the par, what with the Blood and fire motto. Yet to me they are the one who at least get off their backsides and help the homeless. Th JW`s would never accept that it was by their works that the Sally Bash earned my respect, not their uniforms or tamberines.

  • zzaphod

    Apologies for typos, shouldn`t try to type first thing with arthritic fingers.

    Paul UK

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