2009 Memorial Partakers is Highest Since 1967

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  • ThomasCovenant

    To the best of my knowledge if

    10857 is the latest number for Memorial partakers then you have to go back to 1967 to get a higher number, 10981.

    I wonder why they they don't print this in the January magazine anymore.

    Will they omit it even from the printed Yearbook and only leave it as an mp3 online download?

  • cantleave

    I am sure it will printed. There will be an explanation sometime in the Koolaid WT.

  • BluesBrother
    I wonder why they they don't print this in the January magazine anymore.

    Perhaps they do not want to encourage the wannabee anointed from jumping on the bandwagon...

    Perhaps the appeal of a paradise earth is less strong than it used to be and some people feel an "inward call" to go to heaven ?

    Since there is today a higher ratio of born - ins to converts, one would have thought that they would be happy with the hope that they were brought up with..I guess it would be a choker if you studied with someone and he came in , was baptized, then announced he was "anointed" and going to heaven to rule over YOU ..

  • elder-schmelder

    where is this posted?


  • moshe

    JW's love statistics, except when they contradict their dogma. I doubt that they have any adult JW's left who can comprehend these these latest numbers. Hey, more baptisms is good, more publishers is good, more KH's is good, more partakers is good- are we pleasantly confused now?

  • Gayle
  • nugget

    ThomasCovenant is a really cool name, I read the books even though they were in the do not read section.

    Back on theme this is a nightmare to explain away. Even if you said these people were hidden in areas where work was banned it makes no sense. This figure is of emminent importance as mentally JWs use it to mentally assess how close to the end we are. It would seem that the end is moving away.

    Number of annointed should go down or remain even. Coupled with the research on another thread that showed thousands of Christians died in early persecutions (in excess of 144,000) the numbers are a joke. How can someone living in relative comfort this century be judged as more worthy of a heavenly reward than those who died for their faith.

    I can see the madness now.

  • possible-san

    Let's watch these videos once again.

    Probably, this is the most absurd/ridiculous doctrine.
    If they are normality, they should notice that ridiculousness.




  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Great videos. Hopefully they can be updated to include the 2009 figures to emphasise the absurdity even more.

  • wobble

    On another thread it said that the number should really be higher because they don't count visitors who partake, and ones who are not active Dubs.

    So they decide, Elders and MS who are not annointed themselves, who really is annointed out of the partakers.

    Another example of how they have to help out their emasculated god Jehovah, who cannot be trusted to judge (or count) on his own.



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