2009 service report grand totals only

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  • sir82

    And so what does this kid do with the rest of his life? Surfing, video games and partying. Thats what.

    Yep - that's what virtually every kid between the ages of 18 and 25 is doing here too - at least the ones who aren't married yet. Pioneer 18 hours/week, work 10 or 15 hours/week, and that's pretty much it. Living off mom & dad's income, paying no rent as long as they are on the pioneer list.

    So much wasted talent...and wasted time.

    And these are the guys who are the next generation of JW elders?!? The org. will implode from this, if nothing else.

  • freddo

    10,857 memorial partakers! The 1935 door is prised wide open - hallelujah!

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