2009 service report grand totals only

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  • alanv

    Branches 118

    Lands Reporting 236

    Total Congregations 105298

    Worldwide Memoraial attendance 18,168,323

    Memorial partakers worldwide 10857

    Peak Publishers 7,313,173

    Average preaching each month 7,046,419

    Percentage of increase over 2008 3.2%

    Total number baptised 276,233

    Average auxilary publishers each month 304,551

    Average pioneer publishers each month 794,317

    Total hours spent in field 1,557,788,344

    Average home bible studies each month 7,619,270

    Figures above are based on the Japanese figures given in another thread.

  • chickpea

    that "total hours in field service/total number baptized" ratio is looking mighty discouraging....

    oh wait!!!! a significant percentage of FS hours is bogus to start with....
    good thing they have born-ins to baptize


  • WTWizard

    I am calling another foul. Out of that 7.3 million, I challenge them to prove that every single one of those slips was genuine and the person turning it in was in no way forced or coerced to go out.

    I am willing to bet that quite a few are children, some as young as 5 or 6, that are "unbaptized publishers". These children are not out there by free choice. Their parents are forcing them to be out there. And, even as teenagers, they are set up so, unless they do field circus, they are going to be ostracized within the home and congregation. As they get older, they are impaired and left unable to function in the real world. So, they will stay in the cancer, turning in field circus slips because they will be hounded to death otherwise.

    Besides this, I wonder how many outright fake time slips are among those 7.3 million. Even the average could include a million regularly turning in fake slips (or having the hounders turn in fake slips on their behalf to appease the hounder-hounder). They turn in fake time slips because otherwise, they would be hounded and ostracized until they turn in 6 consecutive time slips (real or fake).

    I think KoolAidMan is going to have something to say about the validity of these numbers. And I doubt that he is going to be verifying that 7 million or more of them are valid.

  • shopaholic

    I know several phantom pioneers that contributed about 1,557,788,343 of the field service hours.

  • LostGeneration

    Hours in FS for one baptism: 5,639. The first century Christians would be embarrassed to be associated with this bunch.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    5639/104 waking hours (two hours a week, x 52 weeks in a year) = 54 years of indoctrination one publisher LOLOL. So...how useful is going to door to door and personal "bible studies" out there in reality land? Um...


  • alanv

    I thought it was interesting that although the auxillary figures were down 5.7% the regular pioneer figures were up 8.4%. So there was a clear shift from Auxillary to Regular pioneers even showing an increase. This may have something to do with people working less because of the recession. It will be interesting to see which countries particularly showed this shift.

    WuzLovesDubs You are right abou Zero effectiveness although in truth the figures are not quite as bad because pioneers do a lot more hours than publishers. But still pretty awful.

  • teel

    Thanks for the report, I was most interrested in the number of partakers. Yep folks, one more year with almost 900 increase. Since the "dwindling" number of partakers proves the big A is drawing ever closer (see for example w00 1/15, para 18), we can all lay back and relax, Armageddon just got delayed.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    My nephew is 18. He doesnt go to school. He doesnt work. He is a brilliant artist. I asked my estranged DH why this talented kid who now lives in MY house with his four JW sibs and parents...isnt in school getting a degree? His reply...."He doesnt have time. He is a full time pioneer." I didnt laugh in his face though I wanted to. How many hours a month is a full time pio now? Like...30 or 40 or something rediculously low like that? And so what does this kid do with the rest of his life? Surfing, video games and partying. Thats what. I bet the deal was hey "Nephew, you have two choices...full time pioneer or get a JOB!" What idiot wouldnt take working an hour a DAY? LOL!

  • JWoods
    Thanks for the report, I was most interrested in the number of partakers. Yep folks, one more year with almost 900 increase.

    If the partakers (now about 10,800) increased by 900 in one year, then the "dwindling" number of partakers vastly overshadowed by percentage-wise increase the number (3.x %) of "new" witnesses world wide!

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