2010 and still no Armagedon...Happy new year. I feel like an Ass!

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  • steve2

    It's hard to escape the mentality of the Calendar Club, isn't it? I shudder to think that my long-dead grandparents became Bible Students not long after 1925 because they'd been sucked in by Rutherford's hysterically falsely prophesised lecture, Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Each generation brings forth a new round of suckerdom.

  • Mysterious

    I used to try to figure out who the youngest annointed was and calculate when they were going to croak as a kid :D

    Happy new year!

  • nugget

    I remeber looking at the number of memorial partakers and working out how close we were by how many had died. I figured the closer we got to the end the higher the rate of attrition was going to be as they got older. Now the numbers are going up and up the end is endless.

    Hopefully if we can see it then others can see it too.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    More or less raised in it. My Mother was a long term study 10 years So the material was always in the house and I indoctrinated myself from reading the Paradise Lost to Paradise Gained book and answering any questions I had from the Make Sure Book. ( Note: Don't leave their literature lying around where kids have access.... its written at a 5th grade level with lots of pictures.... its toxic) !975 came up one year after I was baptized I fell for it and gave up my accountancy studies. Big A How do I feel now? If Jehovah is going to kill everyone as they threaten because they never read a WT Then he is bastard and I don't want to know him. If God intervenes in the near future then I trust him to do the right thing even allow a few JW's to live if they are sorry for treating apostates so badly

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    You look like one, too, so don't feel toooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    Judge Dread

  • chickpea

    2014... now THAT is one aposta-convention
    i would book a flight for..... assuming the
    JWs have been wrong for 100 years......

  • BluesBrother
    2010 and still no Armagedon...

    I made that comment to the other half on New Year's day....I got only a giggle....Why don't they seem to take it seriously???

  • Heaven

    My father says things like "They're saying it's really close now." Who the hell is this 'they'? It's you buddy... you and the whole crowd called Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society! It's as if he is saying well it's them not me so he is not responsible should the Big A be a no show.

    * Heaven just shakes her head *

    When I ask for the definition of 'soon', 'close', 'imminent' etc., I receive no answers. Nothing has changed in over 30 years.

    For those lurking you may want to ask yourself.... "If the WTS has been 100% WRONG about the coming of Armageddon, about the generation definition, and about the blood policy, to name a few, just what else have they gotten WRONG over the last 135 or so years?"

    I would suggest, ALL of it.

  • wobble

    If its coming Armageddin out of here.

    When I was in I always viewed it of little importance, it would just be a hiccup in my service to god, as a just God would only get rid of the thoroughly wicked, and I was only a little bit wicked.

    Even if the whole crap idea were true, what we know about it comes from Revelation, where it shows the Lamb battling with the enemies of the Kingdom, if you aint an enemy, nothing to fear.

    Of course there will be no such event, so quit even talking about it and enjoy life !



  • JustHuman14

    Your calculations are absolutely wrong...

    In 1992 the 2005 date was way off the big A... Big A was suppose to come before the year 2000, NOT AFTER...

    As for me, I'm eager to celebrate the 100th year of Jesus Invisible presence!!!!!!

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