Illuminati, satanism, bloodlines and CT Russell. Far fetched? Plausable? Rubbish?

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I have started at the beginning in my proving to myself what i find true or not about 'apostate' information. So naturaly, this comes up.

    It seems a bit out there to me, i mean, the illuminati? are we in a movie with tom hanks running around bethel? Satanic rituals at bethel, the memorial a 'say no to the body of christ' hidden satanic ritual?, the bloodlines of Russell and Rutherford a Echnocian majic line?

    Who has looked into this in more depth? Lots of claims but no evidence... Russell owned a cemetary?

    Is this worth my time or is it a load of conspiracy tripe from wanna be watchtower slayers?


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They are a waste of time.

    There are far easier to prove topics available to dissect.

    Apostates who come up with, or spread, this sort of rubbish are doing the WT a favour.

    It is better to concentrate on claims made by the WT, not by their apostates..... and just because some dickhead apostate makes a fool of himself with some airy fairy claim doesn't prove that unrelated claims by the WT must be true, even though the WT publishes articles that insinuate that that is the case.

    Note that the WT doesn't try to disprove every claim made by the Catholic Church. To do so would be a waste of their time, and yours, and wouldn't be possible anyway. Likewise, we don't have to disprove every claim made by the WT to evaluate the competence, or otherwise, of their leaders.



  • designs

    Hi Oz,

    There are better things to spend your time on, imo. You could find skeletons in anyone's family closet. As a religion they just aren't that powerful or influential.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I think that the Watchtower Society destroyed the World trade centre bacause it cast a shadow over the Bethel garden....

  • Jazzbo

    Rubbish, no question.

  • bohm

    I think this is a huge red herring. Even if it is true, there are little or no proof. In my oppinion, he might have used the symbols because he thougt they looked nice or important. I wrote you on another thread you stated about how i think he got his ideas :-)

  • cantleave

    I think some of the most stupid conspiracy theories are there to discredit apostates. The ones that make me laugh are "if you take a mirror to the point in the picture where the mountain touches the boat on the lake you will see a demonic face!".

    I took a mirror to a roll of fat on my neck the other day and I could swear I saw Mardoch.

  • Satanus

    That line of investigation leads nowhere. There is no evidence connecting russel to the socalled illuminatti, or connecting rutherford w anything satanic. Rutherford wasn't spiritual, except for the spirits that he drank. Russel also, wasn't spiritual, in any real sense. He was merely following some of the fads of the time, the more esoteric ones. Most of the stuff he went into were crap, almost mental aberrations.

    Like always, there is some truth in the socalled conspiracy theories. It can take some time to navigate through all of them, and to read enough about them to find out what is true and what isn't. The satanic bloodlines is crap, imo. Although, and i'm contradicting political correctness by saying this, there are some traits that do carry on for generations among groups.


  • Farkel

    Concur. Don't waste your time. There are a million other ways to show how false, corrupt and evil the WTS is. The conspiracy stuff just makes its promoters look like a bunch of wackos.



    If any of that were true..

    Farkel would have figured it out a long time ago..

    ................ ...OUTLAW

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