Tell me does this make Any sense?

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  • alanv

    Let's face it. One man makes a mistake and Billions of people suffer for for it. Some in the worst kind of suffering possable. Would any human father simply stand by and let it happen even though it would be easy for him to help. And the reason he does nothing is to make a point that there would be some of his family that care enough for him to not blame him for all this. It's pathetic.

  • God_Delusion


    Blondie, I can't agree with you that one needs to justify that God, his son and Satan exist.

    Science and common sense point to the fact that neither of the above exist.

    This thread just adds weight to that point.


  • Sapphy

    Hi whatthehadas, I'm in a place where I don't know what I believe, - and very liberating it is too, but I'll try and answer your question from a true beliver (in the WBTS) perspective.

    Yes it makes sense: The governing body is responsible for the efficient running of the earthly congregation today. Immediate action must be taken to keep the congregation clean. Any apostacy allowed to florish could damage the spiritual health of the congregation. If action was not taken and several people were to fall away, it could be that the permissive elders would be found bloodguilty!

    It's different with Satan since God is the one setting the rules for the spiritual realm. It could be argued that since 1000 years is as a day in the spiritual realm Satan will be executed one week after his rebellion.

  • wobble

    There is more proof that Santa, the Devils dyslexic cousin, exists than God or Satan, at least Santa brought me some presents, the other two ? Zilch.

    This thread is touching on the biggest question of all, if Almighty God is, as the writer of the Epistles of John claimed, LOVE, then why has this Almighty person done nothing that can be proven to be by Him,and why nothing to alleviate the suffering of those He supposedly loves ?



  • blondie

    I never said I had to justify the existence of God, just recognize that other people do believe in God and a blanket statement that God does not exist is not going to be very convincing to them.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Can one believe in a Creator/Intelligent Cause but not in a God? Do the two have to be the same thing?

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