how do you move on?

by John Doe 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Doing well, being constructive, moving this life in the right direction.

    But then,

    A scent.

    A taste.

    A joke.

    A vision.

    A smile.

    And everything comes crashing back into yesterday, looking into the past while moving into the future. Perhaps it's a mental illness to be guarded against, alone.

  • John Doe

    If you Live in the Past..


    Look to the Future..

    Your missing Today..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • journey-on

    Too funny!!! Did anyone ever tell you you're warped :-)

  • journey-on

    BTW...that's how you move on. Keep a sense of humor and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  • John Doe
  • John Doe
  • John Doe
  • crapola

    JD Are you ok today?

  • megaflower

    Personally, physical exercise has helped me a lot. It clears my mind and allows me to work through emotions that day and be more positive. Sometimes when Iam having an off day a good hard run really helps. The waist line has improved too!! I have found that the more fit I have become the better I can deal with stress. When I first left the ORG. I began to jog (12 min/mile pace) but I soon found myself feeling so good from the exercise that I have managed to work up to 6 mile runs at about an 8 min/mile pace. Give it some thought. Try to concentrate on something that would make you happy. Maybe try hiking, cooking class, join a gym, trail riding. Just do something that will take your mind off that stupid organization.

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