Letter to all congregations in Canada 2010

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  • WTWizard

    This is just another "1975". This time, instead of demanding they sell out and give all their time, they demand they sell out and give all their money. And, you are going to be hearing stories about selling the field and keeping part of the money, or being willing to give what you pledge. They are going to demand that people be liberal when pledging, and then hound them and beat them up to force them to keep their pledges.

    And, if someone pledges what is appropriate (which is zero) or fails to turn in a pledge form at all, they will be hounded until they give generously. If someone pledges a penny a month, for instance (a penny too much), they would also be hounded and harassed to donate more than they really can. Hopefully few will keep their pledges (I am hoping it is even worse than those New Years Resolutions that are usually blown by February), but it will mean all too much extra money for the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund while it lasts.

    As for me, I am not giving them even a penny. If they count on me to give them $10,000 a month, and they have to default on their debts when I don't give them anything, that's their problem.

  • hubert

    Gee, I was told by J.W family members that they "Don't pass the basket like Catholics do".

    I guess that is all changed now. Hmmm......another "change".

    Oh, and Catholics do "pledges" also.


  • journey-on

    This ties into why some have given a majority of their wills and estate to the WTS.

    own father has done this leaving all of his children including myself with nothing in his will.

    This is one of the things that absolutely enrages me. A family's inheritance is sacrosant, imo. Even the Bible puts an emphasis on one's rightful inheritance of land and valuables. This is one area where one should contest through the courts with everything they've got! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with money, but everything to do with family rights. I know some will argue that "they earned it and can give it to whomever they want", but I vehemently disagree when the recipient is a mind-controlling cult!!!!!!!! Fight it when the time comes, thetrueone.

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