Did Jarka get disfellowshipped yet?

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  • sir82

    I don't know anything about it firsthand, but I can speculate as well as anyone....

    Here's my take on it:

    In order to even form a committee, you have to have evidence that a DF offense actually occurred. The evidence must take one of two forms, either (1) a confession, or (2) two eyewitnesses to the actual event. No other form of evidence is acceptable.

    Given that Jarka pleaded "not guilty" at the trial, it's pretty safe to assume that he did not confess to murdering his wife to the elders either, so line (1) of evidence is lacking. And given that during the trial, no one stepped forward as an eyewitness, it's pretty safe to assume that line (2) of evidence is lacking as well.

    So not only is it unlikely that he is disfellowshipped, he's also very likely not even on reproof! There was not enough "evidence" (from the WT perspective) even to form a judicial committee!

    It's quite likely that "Brother Jarka" is still a "brother in good standing".

    That should be a source of comfort to him as he keeps "Bubba" his cellmate warm at night.

  • babygirl30

    My ex was physically abusive, found guilty in a court of law, and still was not df'd........until almost a year later for something ELSE (not the assault)! So believe it or not, it does happen that someone in the secular courts who is blatantly GUILTY of said offense, can 'walk' in the cong!!!

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