Lest we forget -- WTsaid this exactly 100 years ago

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  • Fatfreek

    If you were a JW 100 years ago what would you have been reading? Here are a few snippets. Highlighting is mine.

    December 1, 1909
    Do not forget that Christmas is the most favorable time
    for giving
    to your friends something expressive of your
    OF THE AGES, with many of our readers, head the list. For
    a children's booklet remember the "Wonderful Story of
    God's Love." See prices, etc., in our November 1 issue.

    Unrest prevails the world over.
    How we long to give the poor, groaning creation a proper
    view of that blessed hope which so inspires our hearts--the
    Second Presence of our Lord and the establishment of the
    Millennial Kingdom--his rule of righteousness for the blessing
    of all the families of the earth. "Be patient, brethren,"
    while diligent and fervent in spirit.

    The mind of man is fertile. Recent wonderful developments
    of aeroplane and dirigible balloons
    are leading the
    national thought to a new line of warfare. Aerial battles
    are anticipated. The dropping of explosives upon battleships
    and cities, arsenals and armies, is being studied. ...
    The Apostle pointed out as among the conditions prevalent
    in the end of this age the following:--Disobedience to
    parents; lawlessness; pleasure-loving; ferocity of temper,
    etc. We need not on this occasion go deeply into the why,
    but recognize the fact that many of these predictions are
    now fulfilled before our eyes.

    Our readers well know that in 1880 we pointed out in
    the columns of this journal the now much discussed Federation
    of Protestant Churches. We showed that it was foreshadowed
    in Scripture prophecy: that the beginning of it
    was in 1846
    in the organization of the Evangelical Alliance
    and that the full development waited for the closing hours
    of this age.

    December 15, 1909
    From various quarters the word came to us that the
    leaders of classes were protesting that WATCH TOWER publications
    should not be referred to in the meetings, but
    merely the Bible.
    This sounded loyal to God's Word; but
    it was not so. It was merely the effort of those teachers to
    come between the people of God and the Divinely provided
    light upon God's Word.

    One Brother has tried the plan of introducing
    the six volumes of DAWN-STUDIES for $2.15--only
    about the price of one volume as such books are ordinarily
    sold. He reports that he sells as many sets of six as
    he formerly sold sets of three.
    And where formerly he
    sold one he now can usually sell three. Should this plan
    become generally successful it might lift our output for the
    coming year
    still higher than that of 1908.

  • jabberwock

    Which scriptural prophecies were thought to point to the Federation of Protestant Churches/ Evangelical Alliance?

  • finallysomepride

    100 years ago one would not be a JW, one would be a 'Bible Student', Jehovah's Witnesses came into excistance a couple of decades later.

    However I understand where u r coming from.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    an not a single JW would admit to this article

  • Chalam

    Awesome! Shows their own apostasy is clear.

    1 John 2:18-20 (New International Version)

    Warning Against Antichrists
    18 Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.

    20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.

    The WT are anti-Christ. That is why they stopped celebrating birthdays, principally so they could stop celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    Truth come from the anointing of the Holy Sprit. That is why the WT deceive JWs into thinking the Holy Spirit is only for a minority of believers, not for all as the bible says clearly Acts 2:17 Acts 2:38-39



  • AllTimeJeff

    JW's are funny about their old WT's. It's cool if you have them, but you have to disavow almost everything in them, like it was a totally different group and religion.

    Of course, due to the amazing amoung of convenient changes due to error, it is an entirely different religion doctrinally. However, its the same group with the same corporation name and magazine!

    Cognitive dissonance in full effect. Most people read those old WT's and go "!!!!!" to themselves. Most JW's are unaware of the shit that this religion used to teach and had to take back, even after Jesus "chose" them.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    There's was a brother in a cong I first attended that inherited a huge library of old publications. From what I heard it's one of the most complete libraries in this country. I remember him showing pics of the bethalites celebrating christmas. That's what they were doing when they were "chosen" over all others

  • thetrueone

    Back in those days the Bible Students were very mild in their doctrinal understandings and beliefs.

    Things started to get radical when Rutherford (1917) took over under great opposition.

    This is when the great divide occurred, in 1919 Rutherford proclaimed the organization was

    god's solemn chosen one and the bullshit started to get even more pronounced.

    The business was all his now to do whatever he wanted to do with it.

    Nothing could stop the so called Judge who wasn't really a Judge in his only devised kingdom

    with himself seated on the throne.

    After numerous speeches and book publishings on behalf of the organization has being the only chosen one here on earth,

    in a real sense, power really did go to his head. ( helped most likely by too much booze )

    Unfortunately people started to believe this as well he became something of living demi-god.

    To not believe in him was an apostasy to the very word of god himself and the rest is history.

  • Fatfreek

    Jabberwock: Which scriptural prophecies were thought to point to the Federation of Protestant Churches/ Evangelical Alliance?

    The following is from ZION'S Watch Tower AND HERALD OF CHRIST'S
    PRESENCE, Jan, 1880, article "DIALOGUE. Rev. 13"

    It appears to be formatted in the form of just that, a dialog between two brothers -- Brother A being the teacher. Highlighting is mine.

    B. I am here again Bro. A., anxious as ever to enjoy whatever
    light may be due the church; I know that you believe the word of
    God to be a lamp, whose oil is the spirit, which sheds its light
    upon the path of the just as fast as the light is due, in order that
    at each step we may not be in darkness. Have you seen anything
    fresh or new lately?

    A. God's word is "new every morning and fresh every evening."
    In this respect it differs from all other books and, undoubtedly it
    is a fountain of living waters (truths) from the fact that it
    contains special dispensational truths, as well as general truth.
    Thus it is a great storehouse from which the Lord's servants are
    to bring forth "things new and old,"
    that the household of faith
    may have meat in due season." I seem to see in a clearer light
    than ever before, the present condition of the nominal church
    and its future.
    We talked some of this subject at a previous
    interview, when we considered the text--"Babylon is fallen."
    The subject in general and the Bible teaching concerning it,
    seems daily to open up more clearly. I think too, that it is--the
    meat due here. Many saints in "Babylon" are ignorant of the
    fact, and therefore do not obey the call--"Come out from her my
    people, so that you may have no fellowship with her sins and
    that you receive not of her plagues." Would this subject be
    agreeable to you this evening?
    B. It would, and profitable too I hope. I was much interested in
    our last conversation on The Antichrist and its picture in Rev.
    A. Then we will consider the "Two horned beast" of the next
    chapter now. It seems to follow connectedly, our last topic.
    B. Suppose you use the Emphatic Diaglott; it is so much clearer.
    Then I can have the advantage of both translations. ...

    B. I notice that the Sinaitic MSS. adds the word also in this
    verse-- "That they also should make an image." --Would not this
    seem to indicate that Protestantism as represented in this beast,
    is an image of the first beast also?
    A. Yes, the thought is there even without the word also, since
    they are both beasts, but also, does add to the force. Well, they
    took the advice of example and did organize such an image. In
    London, Aug. 19th, 1846, there assembled representatives of all
    the leading Protestant denominations of Europe and America,
    who there organized under the name--"Evangelical Alliance."

    That was a church organization in many respects similar in form
    ("an image") to Papacy. Its design is to increase the power and
    authority of Protestantism, just as the formation of the Leopard
    beast was the result of a desire to increase the power and
    authority of Papacy.
    B. Surely you do not mean to say that the "Evangelical
    Alliance," which seemingly has been for the cementing of all
    Protestant Christians into one organization is an evil thing.
    A. The union of believers is one of the things for which we long
    and pray, but it is brought about, not by the organization of
    societies, but by the Holy Spirit. It is a union of hearts bound
    together by the golden chord of truth; not a union of church
    societies bound by creeds.
    If the Evangelical Alliance were the coming together of
    Christians, saying--We realize that there is "One Lord, one faith,
    one baptism," and that all truth is in harmony, and therefore, as
    we who profess to be God's children differ widely on various
    subjects and our various creeds in many particulars contradict
    each other, we desire to lay aside all written creeds and we unite
    in this manner as Christians, with no rule nor creed but the
    Bible. We will henceforth strive to be taught of God and seek to
    come to harmony in the understanding of His word.
    I say if this were the object, I could rejoice at such an
    organization. But it is not;

  • rebel8

    I always wondered why they think the bible (written 1000s of years ago by men, parts of it later determined to be God's word by the Catholic Church) is absolutely correct, while the litter-ature (written 100 years ago by men and considered God's ideas by the wt church) is incorrect.

    Just a reminder....we have another important anniversary coming up in a few months:


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