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  • MadApostate

    . http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=18631&site=3

    The "Christian Longo" drama has been on television and in the newspapers now for about a week, and will stay in the headlines until he is captured.

    The XJW Community ****NOW**** has a good opportunity to communicate with Reporters to explain that JW SHUNNING may very well have been the driving force behind Longo's downhill slid which finally climaxed in an act of mass-murder.

    Per the news articles, Longo's initial problems appear to have been "financial". Such problems could have been dealt with if Longo's parent's would simply have offered and provided financial assistance.

    However, me suspects that Longo's Elder-father likely followed the WTS's unwritten/unadvertised policy of "total shunning". Rather than be there for his df'ed son when he needed him most, this Elder greased the skids to ruination.

    I encourage all readers who have been in Christian Longo's shoes to email the various media sources who are reporting this drama.

    Once he is captured, the story will likely fade quickly.

  • YoYoMama

    You're an idiot.

  • moman

    YoYo, your a Jdub for gods-sake, how could you call anyone an IDIOT?
    Oops, I forgot, your BRAINWASHED& because your brain haz been HYJACKED by the Borg, you don't realise what youe saying...THATS THE BEAUTY OF BRAINWASHING...so nevermind!

  • YoYoMama

    Yeah, yeah, brainwashed...whatever. The same line over and over again. Can't you come up with something original?

  • MadApostate

    YoYo recognizes that this IS a good opportunity for us, and simply wants to obscure the thread.

  • metatron

    OK, how about indoctrinated, deceived, or lied to?

    Remember the ex stock broker who killed his kids because
    it would give them a chance at a resurrection in Jehovah's
    New World? If you take mixed up, desperate people - and feed
    them a lot of intolerance and extremism, what's the result
    likely to be? Could they feel 'they've got nothing to lose'?
    Could they act in violent, irrational ways? Could they
    kill someone?


  • freeman

    You better believe that the extreme shunning as practiced by the witnesses has a psychological effect on people. As to it being the last straw that made him snap, that is anybody’s guess.

    Think for a moment of the devastating effect this policy can have on the human psyche. First, to be a witness one must isolate themselves from the world at large. Any ties such as close so-called worldly friends are discarded. One’s inner circle of friends becomes only witnesses. Almost every aspect of one’s life is geared around life in the witness community. Extreme shunning causes one to be separated from this community, without any support mechanism in place and the effects for the individual are devastating to say the least.

    It is primarily over this very issue, this unchristian practice of extreme shunning that I now forbid my 12-year-old son from attending meetings anymore. As I told my son’s PO, when your practice in this regard is more scriptural and Christ-like, I will reconsider sending him back to the Hall again. So did shunning play a role in this tragedy? Unknown, but it certainly could have.


  • MadApostate

    Would those who have some of the lessor known xjw websites (ie pages that might not show up on a search) please post links to some good "shunning" stories to which Reporters could be linked.

  • LDH
    ". Such problems could have been dealt with if Longo's parent's would simply have offered and provided financial assistance.

    I'm surprised at you MA. How dare you assume his parents DIDN'T provide him with assistance?

    My own df'd brother (30) is always crying 'financial hardship' and going to my parents for money. GODDAMNIT all they have given him money, food, cars etc. How the fuck much more do parents have to do?

    This bastard was a grown married man with children. If you're that hard up, go apply for Public Assistance.

    This story parallels (unfortunately) where we think my brother is heading.

    And while SHUNNING in part may be to blame in this guys case, in my brother's case he has been 'out of the truth' for 5 years and he has run off all the worldly friends he has because they also don't want to bothered with this shit.

    Yes, religion may have been a fator in this case but let's call a spade a spade. There are some real nucking futs out there, and mathematically some of them are JWs or XJW.

    You blew it.

    Buttons Pushed Class

  • LDH

    PS If my brother EVER did something insane like this and some asshole like you tried to exploit it by accusing my parents of being the cause, I would have you on fucking slander charges so fast your head would spin.

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