Jihad at Sodom and Gomorrah

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    The story of Sodom and Gomorrah actually starts with Abraham.

    (From the Septuagint) In Genesis 18:1 the writer tells us that God himself appeared to Abraham. In verse 2, written through the eyes of Abraham, we are told that he simply "sees three men".

    According to the sight and reaction, there is nothing that would distinguish these three men as being any different from ordinary humans.

    In Genesis 18:17, the All Knowing God even consults with the other two men as he seems to be unsure whether to divulge to Abraham why he is passing by in this direction and what his plans are for Sodom.

    Although it has been said that Lot was spared for being a "righteous man", there is nothing that indicates this. As a matter of fact, it appears that Lot was given consideration only because of his connection to Abraham. So once again, we are shown by example, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Does it strike you as a bit unorthodox that a Great All Powerful, All Knowing What's-Best-for-Mankind God, would be open to dickering and negotiating with humans? Was he just humoring Abraham about sparing the cities if there were 10 righteous people to be found? Does it not seem that plans had already been made for the destruction and the two other men traveled on with that intent?

    Religionists have told some far fetched stories depicting a huge "god" figure in the clouds hurling meteorites toward the earth.

    Some geologists have suggested an earthquake.

    But if one is to consider the biblical scripture, it clearly shows a jihad mission.

    In Genesis 19:13, the two men tell Lot "For we are about to destroy this place....the Lord has sent us to annhiliate it."

    In Genesis 19:18-21, Lot is very indecisive as to where to go once the strangers tell him that he must get out immediately. The jihadists realize they must act very quickly because the people in the city do not trust them being there. They rush Lot, even taking him by the hand. In trying to make him realize the importance in leaving right that minute, they tell him (Genesis 19:22) "So hurry to escape there, for I will not be able to do a thing until you enter there."

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    The geologists said that Lot's wife did not appear to turn into a pillar of salt because she dared to look back but because of the briny nature of the Dead Sea.

    ..... that the Dead Sea was full of salt floes that might have been thrown up by surging water to resemble a female outline." Hence legend is created out of what can now be explained as a simple geological phenomenon," he said.

    Saturated soil and highly flammable bitumen, rather than God's wrath, was apparently behind the demise of the cities, the report said.

    "The area is made up of rock types which, when subjected to a large earthquake, will actually liquefy, like shaking up a bottle of sauce," Mr. Styles said. "Theirs is a great story but if, as they suggest, the whole city was destroyed and collapsed into the sea, I don't know how much would be left to dig up."


    Mr. Harris said it was impossible to tell if an earthquake set off the so-called liquefaction process he believes swallowed up the cities, but he said archeologists and engineers should join forces to put the 4,000-year mystery to rest.

    "The enigma will never ever be resolved until artifacts can be rediscovered that can be positively identified to those cities," he said.


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    It is believed that Sodom and Gomorrah were so named after the jihad because of the etymology of those words.


    Skeptics point out that the name Sodom is a derivative of the Hebrew word for "scorched" and Gomorrah is from the Hebrew ‘amar, meaning "a ruined heap", [30] surmising that since these names could only have been given after their destruction, the entire story would have to be fictitious. However, the traditional explanation for the use of retronyms in ancient historical literature is that it is retroactive nomenclature .


    I have attempted to verify this etymology and have found something very disconcerting. This is what the Online Etymology Dictionary has to say when I type in the word Sodom:


    c.1300, from O.Fr. sodomie, from L.L. peccatum Sodomiticum "anal sex," lit. "sin of Sodom," from L. Sodoma, ult. from Heb. s'dom "Sodom," morally corrupt city in ancient Palestine, said to have been destroyed, with neighboring Gomorrah, by fire from heaven (Gen. xviii-xix). Sodomize coined 1868. In Du. slang, besodemieteren means "to deceive," and evidently is built from the traditional notion of "corruption" in Sodom.

    And from the same source, when I type in Gomorrah, I get a reference to gonorrhea!

    1526, from L.L. gonorrhoia, from gonos "seed" + rhoe "flow," from rhein "to flow" (see rheum ). Mucus discharge was mistaken for semen. In early records often Gomoria, etc., from folk etymology association with biblical Gomorrah.

    In this etymological reference, neither word, Sodom nor Gomorrah, are found. The implications in the explanations appear very manipulated and I cannot help but wonder what internet will be like if certain factions gain a monopoly on information that is allowed.

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    A Magician's Trick

    "And they struck with blindness the men who were at the door of the house, from small to great, and they became exhausted searching for the door." (Genesis 19:11)

    This was no supernatural miracle.

    It was the trick of a magician using the dark art of alchemy.

    Is mercury, salt, and sulphur yet another mysterious trinity?

    Sodomite Salt


    "Why did the sages declare that mayim aharonim is obligatory?" The Talmud explains: "Because of Sodomite salt that blinds the eyes." Sodomite salt is so potent that one sage explained that it is found in the concentration of one grain per kor (430 liters) of ordinary salt, and it is still harmful.

    The danger of Sodomite salt led the sages to rule that a soldier at the front was released from the obligation to wash his hands before eating bread, but must still wash his hands at the conclusion of his meal; evidently Sodomite salt was a clear and present danger on the battlefield.

    Other contact with Sodomite salt also requires washing of the hands. Thus if Sodomite salt was measured to give to an animal, for instance, the one who served it must also wash his hands even though he didn't ingest any of it.

    Sodomite salt is presumably salt from the area of Sodom, that is, the Dead Sea plain. Nowadays, salt from this area has high concentrations of minerals that can be harmful to the eyes. Salt from the Dead Sea area is also extremely fine and a person may not realize when there is salty residue on his hands that may eventually reach the eyes. Nevertheless, the potency of Sodomite salt to blind upon contact with the eyes is not something we need to be concerned about today.


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    There are many theories concerning the location of the area known as Sodom and Gomorrah.

    According to scripture, we are told that, before the blast, it was an area "well watered, lush and green." (Genesis 13:10)

    If we are to corelate scripture with this event, Genesis 19: 27-28 informs us that Abraham sees the destruction of that area. The "trees of Mamre" were near Hebron. Hebron was located 18 miles west of the Dead Sea at a latitude about half way between its north and south ends.

    These cities that were destroyed were visible to the east of where Abraham lived, but not so close that a military threat would threaten Abraham.

    It is a possibility that the area called Sodom was previously known as Bab edh-Dhra.


    Bitumen and petroleum deposits have been found in the area, which contain sulfur and natural gas (as such deposits normally do), and one theory suggests that a pocket of natural gas led to the incineration of the city.


    GPS coordinates can be found at the above link.

    It has also been theorized that something set off a petroleum explosion. We know from scripture that there were numerous tar pits in the Valley of Siddim, as the King of Sodom fell into the tar pits in the previous Battle of the Four Kings.

    Asphalt contains a high percentage of sulfur.

    "One of the most unusual features of the Dead Sea is its discharge of asphalt. From deep seeps, the Dead Sea constantly spits up small pebbles of the black substance. After earthquakes, chunks as large as houses can be found." wiki Dead_Sea

    In Arabic, the Dead Sea is called the "Sea of Lot" also "Sea of Zoar". In translated terms it is also called "Sea of Death". The Greeks called it "Lake Asphaltites".


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    Is it possible that advanced weaponry of nuclear potential was in use in ancient times?

    Do myths about the "iron thunderbolt" (raw plutonium encased in lead and iron) exist as warnings and clues from the ancient past?


    To this day, unnatural levels of radioactivity are found in the water of springs around the southernmost edges of the Dead Sea.

    One study confirmed that this radioactivity was sufficiently high to “induce sterility and allied afflictions in any animals and humans that absorbed it over a number of years”. Further evidence of an explosion is being revealed by the falling level of the Dead Sea, which has in recent years dropped from 1,280 feet to 1,340 feet below sea level.?’




    The isolation of the fossil water body give it characteristic chemical and radioactive properties, including low values of radioactive tritium and radium and the presence of bivalent iron, which indicates a lack of oxygen. One study found that radioactive isotopes had been introduced into the surface layers and mixed throughout the water column before its stratification. Once this mixing took place, the isotopes could not be replenished and were subject to radioactive decay. Measurements of the decay indicate that water below 80 meters had begun to be isolated about 300 years ago. This homogeneous fossil water did not mix with surface water.



    A strong correlation between radium activity and salinity was also evident in groundwater along the rift valley between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, as well as in groundwater from the Judea Group rocks in the Negev. The general rule is that in freshwater conditions, most of the radium remains in the aquifer rocks, while in saline conditions the radium escapes from the rocks and has high concentrations in groundwater.

    Other studies have established that groundwater with no oxygen also is typically enriched in radium.



    Based on evidence found at Harappa, could this not well be the case at Sodom and Gomorrah as well?


    The levels of radiation registered so high on investigators’ gauges that the Indian government cordoned off the region. Scientists then apparently unearthed an ancient city where they found evidence of an atomic blast dating back thousands of years: from 8,000 to 12,000 years.



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    Lot Fleeing with His Daughters from Sodom

    Albrecht Durer


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    Oil Fields Burning in Kuwait

    And the vale of Siddim was full of slimepits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, and fell there; (Genesis 14:10)

    And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace. (Genesis 19:28)

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    Put Yourself in Lot's Shoes.....

    Again, this goes all the way back to Abraham. Abraham had previously rounded up a small army to rescue Lot and the townsfolk when King Chedorlaomer had looted Sodom and Gommorah and had taken them back to Mesopotamia as captives. So the towns people knew that Lot had some pull with a powerful relative.

    So not long after all these wars and raids are going on, these two strangers come into town just at dusk. They are probably wearing Balckwater T-shirts with the bear claw on them. You know how these types like to flaunt their alliances and bragg about their machismo. The towns people are not stupid; they know something is up. People don't just walk into a stange neighborhood at dark without having a destination or being "up to something."

    Pretend for a minute that you are Lot. You got all your neighbors banging on the door and getting wild, wanting to know why Balckwater guys are at your house. It just ain't natural. Hell, I am banging on your window wanting to know what's going on, too.

    OK, so you throw your daughters out as hostages to assure everyone that these guys mean no harm.

    You think now that I am going to trust a guy that would do that to his kids? Hell, no.

    Even the strangers didn't think it was a good idea because they rescued Lot's girls by throwing some kind of blinding powders at the crowd to distract them so they could grab the girls and shut the door.

    Now, after all that, these jihadists finally level with you and tell you they are here to blow up the town. You know you believe them because you have already seen the use of the personal weaponry blinding your neighbors. And because Abraham has sent them to get you out. It comes in handy to have a relative that works as a spy...giving big favors and having them owed to him as well.

    Now, here is the problem. Just how do you think you and your family are going to get out of town safely? Everybody is watching your house. Word has probably traveled around the whole neighborhood by now that something is up. You are number one suspect to know something. If you go outside, don't you think a couple of people are going to jump your ass? And I don't mean any homosexual content here. That story is BS.

    That crowd is mad now and somebody is going to take a baseball bat to you for blinding their friend who did nothing to you but knock on your door and ask questions.

    Think quick. Where are you going to go? Lot is very indecisive and debates with the strangers.

    Lot: "It will take about four hours walking to get over to Zoar."

    Jihadist: "You can't take any longer than that, because I cannot do anything until you get there. "(Genesis 19:22)

    "We have to get this set up by day break. It's not safe for any of us to be here now. Those townspeople will be back at first light."

    Ask any evangelist," Just how, exactly, does Lot and his daughters get out of town under these circumstances?" and they will probably tell you that the angels took them by the hand and flew them out. Well, at least that is what I have heard. I don't know if WT teaches that kind of goofy explanation as well.

    While you ponder this dilemma....I will shortly return to tell you how I think it may have been done!

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