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  • flower

    i understand it but at the same time i dont understand it because i was born and raised a JW so i was always in their mindset. but how does someone who comes from the world and joins the org justify going against every natural instict they have? i mean its just unnatural to turn against your own flesh and blood. its unnatural to have a best friend for 10, 20, 30, years or more and then cut them off from your life forever because they commit some kind of "sin". as witnesses, they say 'we are all imperfect and fall short of the mark' but if you fall short of the mark you are thrown away like trash. i've never brought anyone into the truth so i cant understand the thinking of someone who joins as an adult. how do you justify in your mind turning into this kind of person? i just dont get it. i mean dont you question these rules at first? and are the answers they give really enough to satisfy you and make you start behaving in such an unnatural way? i know its easy for me to say this now, but i dont think i would ever have become a witness as an adult. just a few scriptures in the bible are supposed to make me treat other human beings like shit? i dont think so.


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    Hey Flower,I was raised a dub,even as a kid I knew something wasn`t right.I can`t imagine why a grown adult would join up.We do have good people on the board who joined as adults.Maybe they can help you with an answer...OUTLAW

  • LB

    OK, it's really simple. I joined as an adult. I had lots of "worldly" friends I turned my back on AND I turned my back on friends that got DFed. The simple reason is I'm an IDIOT. The warning flags were up all over the place, but the company line seemed to make simple sense. I think a huge part of it was how nice everyone was at first. They couldn't wait to help us. I'd have 6 guys here spliting firewood for me. I got sick and my wife had more help than she could handle. The love fest was overwhelming.

    Then the other shoe dropped of course, right after baptism.

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  • jayhawk1

    Well, let's look at it. I know you have been out in service, so we will start from there.

    I was taught when I presented a book, to turn to the paradise pictures and show that to the house holder. And from there show them the scriptures in Psalms 37, and then the ones in Revelation 21, carefully hilighting the peaceful conditions, youthful vigor, and happy life. After getting them to take the book and agree to a "Bible Study" I leave.

    After some time of studying with an interested one, constantly hilighting the best parts of the JWs, and hopefully getting them to several meetings, then you must sow the seed of doubt about their way of life.

    As the study conductor, you must continually keep telling them how great it would be to have perfect health, youth forever, and happiness forever. If you are unsuccessful in repeating this formula, the study ends.

    Then go back to that seed of doubt that you planted about their life. Show them that if they don't become just like you, they will not get to, live forever, have perfect health, and happiness forever. At this point the house holder is brain washed.

    Further brainwashing occurs when this person is baptized. Then they are stuck in the Jehovah's Witnesses belief system. If they are not always in compliance, then they loose out on the perfect health, youthful vigor, and happiness forever.

    It is at this moment, that the society can say, "It is either the sinner or us." This person knowing full well, that if he/she chooses the "sinner", then he/she will miss out on the prize which is perfect health, happiness, and peace on Earth.

    It all comes down to that carot on the end of the pole.

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  • dungbeetle

    The biggest thing I think, is that they lie about their history. They were doing this as far back as the 1920's ALREADY.

    An informed JW is an know the drill.

    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

  • Christina77

    Flower -

    I wonder the same thing... my boyfriend can't seem to get the fact that there is no way in hell I will convert and can't imagine not having me as one as well... I just stick out my tongue at him and laugh... I love the worldly life and will never want to get rid of it, and it is too much to deny my daughter what she has known as "normal"... he needs to see the other side! and come into reality... His parents both got brainwashed as adults... and he only found out why they converted when I asked him to find out... he was a little shocked by their answer... but the truth will be told when I finally meet them... we will soon see


  • AlanF

    That's not too difficult to understand, when you realize that the Bible itself demands absolute obedience to God. A faithful Christian is expected to do everything that God commands, even to the extent of killing people -- even one's own children -- if God commands it. The same goes for obeying a true prophet of God, because it is the same as if God himself were speaking. So it is not a big step for someone to obey JW speakers-for-God when they demand something not as severe as killing.


  • oscartheduck

    Personally, I liked the "I'm an idiot" answer best so far...

    The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126 "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible "

  • Shimmer

    I did not come in as an adult, but my mother did. Basically she was raised in a highly disfunctional house. Married a very controlling man. Didn't have many friends. Met a neighbor and a parent of a friend of mine that were witnesses and of course they were sooooo nice to her. Not to be her friend of course but to sink their bible study hooks into her! I think that for her, it was getting away from my dad and having something of her own, without him controlling it. Oddly enough he was never oppositional. And having people show her a lot of attention, while she was studying. It did take her 5 years to get baptized. Though now she is constantly complaining about the clicks at the hall that she is never incuded in.

    Basically, I noticed that sometimes when people came in as adults. They were very unhappy with their current life situation. And of course the witnesses spew forth nothing but happy, happy, happy. What a crock!! I even had someones study tell me that the pioneer who was studying with her had all but told her that the witnesses were perfect. Can you believe that shit??!! I of course felt it my obligation and duty to let her know otherwise. ;)


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