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  • 607BCisAbigLIE

    Hi Nute:

    A more precise definition of Borg: some make the comparison of the WT as to the Borg, a Star Trek The Second Generation specie. That specie, if you watch Star Strek, is one made of human combined with technology, as cyBorgs. The Borg is a collective in which all the members are going along for the same purpose: assimilate the other species of the Universe. When one becomes a member of the Borg collective, his culture, realizations, and all his individuality are assimilated into the collective. In Borg, individual thinking is irrelevant, death is irrelevant, personnality is irrelevant, resistance is irrelevant, just like the WT organization. So it is why some of the people that post on this board refer to the Borg collective in Star Trek when speaking about the WTBTS. And that is relevant !!

  • barry

    Gday Nute,
    Someone in chat thought Borg = Bible organisation i dont know if he was joking or not.

  • Prisca

    Hi Kathy and welcome

  • ISP

    Hi Nute , welcome to the board! Is that handle from 'Aliens'?


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