Hi to all the Girl's and Boy's

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  • Nute

    Officially been out of the organization since 1990 .... I have e-mailed some of you already .... A very nice group of individuals I must say. What does Borg mean? I did rattle some cages with the last post by silientlamb, but I guess that's what it is all about listening to both the good and the bad. And finding out what is the real "TRUTH".


  • messenger

    Welcome to the board and enjoy the ride. If you get really brave you may want to try the chat rooms. We are glad you found us and hope you get to know a lot of nice folks here.

  • Gopher

    Hi Nute,

    Welcome to our board! This place has helped many including me on the journey to self-discovery and new ways of thinking. You'll find out that free speech and honesty are generally highly valued here. The waters get rough some times, but hey that's humanity!

    Hope to get to know more about you, your input will be valued.

    BORG = Brooklyn Organization. Known to those inside the organization as "mother". To those outside, known as the "bastards from Brooklyn", the "brain dead from Brooklyn" and far worse. Submit to the BORG--- resistance is futile, bwaaa-haaa-haaa. (not)

    GopherWhy shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense.
    Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  • dungbeetle

    Welcome to our home away from home!!!

    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

  • Nute

    Thanks Gopher,

    I just loved the way you explained that ... Your the Man


  • Nute

    You guy's are so funny .... Thanks for making me smile.


  • WildHorses

    Hi Nute, glad you started posting. Stick around a while will ya? We moms have to stick together


    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Mulan

    I called it the Borg before I ever came to a message board. To me it is like the Borg from Star Trek. A continuum of mindless robots, programmed to do the bidding of a queen......or whatever.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • Nute

    Thanks lady's for all your support .... And social fun.

    Nice to be here.


  • anewperson

    Hi and welcome.

    Now I'm a Free Christian

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