JWs thinking 'Satan is out to get me!'

by KingAgag 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • KingAgag

    I met a JW who said he hated driving to the KH because Satan always changed the traffic lights to red so that he'd be late. This is so absurd, showing how paranoid some of them are. What similar, equally retarded, reasoning have you come across?

  • LouBelle

    It's not only in the JW faith. Many a christian give ol S'tan a hellofa lot of power.

  • SirNose586

    Sicknesses which took the attendance noticeably lower being blamed on "Satan trying to persecute us," when really the answer was all the sick people who were guilted into coming to the meetings where they spread their germs!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    When i was a M/S i took a brother to task for that very thought!

    He was convinced that Jehovah gave green lights and Satan turned them red! AND that flat tyres were from satan! AND AND that he could walk thru violent neighborhoods because Jehovah had him in a protective bubble! No shit!

    I nicely shot them down then he walked home in the dark... next day he said he had never felt so scared now that the bubble was gone...

    never could stand unfounded witness speak even then


  • teel

    Satan as scapegoat is a great way of shifting responsability, a JW is not guilty of anything, it's always Satan. It was his fault turning the lights red, not my lazy ass to start off to KH too late and depending on a rolling series of green light to arrive in time.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    The last time I heard Satan blamed for this much garbage was when I watched "The Waterboy." I remember growing up, with my dad everything was "from the Devil"; school, science, history, entertainment, politics. You name it, if it didn't agree with the WT (which is pretty well everything) it was blamed on the "Wicked One."

    Glad to be free of that fictional mindset, where everything bad is the Devil and everything good is God.

    Can't it just be life, or is that too simple?

  • KingAgag

    Freeatlast1914 I totally agree - it is backwards reasoning and makes them so closed minded.

  • xeracia

    Oh this is definitely not just a JW thing. I remember after hurricane Katrina, there were people all over the tv saying that the hurricane was from Satan, and they were just going to trust god to fix their destroyed lives.

  • KingAgag

    Being a born-in, I heard mostly JW examples. I know it isn't unique so let me open my question to all religion. I know the obvious ones like a hurricane, but my point was that I have noticed they blame Satan for even tiny ridiculous things and these examples are what I would like to hear. Are there any JW-only examples?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I remember a brother blaming Satan for the death of another brother who was well-liked by everyone(myself included). Actually, it was a brain tumor that killed him, but this guy was more determined then ever to not let Satan win.

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