Masturbation is WRONG. Comprehensive Bible Proof

by Farkel 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Farkel


    "I didn't mean what I meant."

  • gumby

    Hey fark? Did you pass out? Is that it?

  • jayhawk1

    Well, that is all the proof that I need.

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

    Jeremy's Hate Mail Hall Of Fame. and

  • belbab

    Not according to Lin Calier, aka Bibleman, aka Joshua92, Larsguy aka aka aka. working alone, comes, comes, comes up with something!
    Go to:


  • gumby

    I tried to look it up under the m's in my bible index and couldn't find the word so I'm not stopping just cuz you said so.

  • Farkel


    : Hey fark? Did you pass out? Is that it?

    No, Gumby. I searched the Bible thoroughly and the only solid evidence I could find condemning masturbation was a single quote mark.

    Ask people. I DO my research! And if they disagree with that, then ask some other people.


    "I didn't mean what I meant."

  • Prisca

    Thanks Farkel for your deep and insightful research. Many years ago I came to the same conclusion. Great minds think alike, eh?

  • flower

    1989 Young people ask book. article entitled Masturbation how serious is it. Unbelievable stuff that is just clear to me now. When i was a kid i studied that article and it was the cause of years of guilt and depression (one of the causes) and now its so clearly bull shit.

    they outright ADMIT that the word masturbation is not found in the bible. but they say "oh even though its not listed as one of the gross sins its still unclean" BASED ON WHAT?? SAYS WHO? YOU? FUCK THEM. I HATE THOSE BASTARDS.

    can i say that? cause i really do

    thanks Farkel, see this is the kind of proof i am looking for here not those three page posts that i dont have time to read with a kid hanging off of me. and certainly not all the arguing and stuff


  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    welcome back dougy.

    i was wrong.

    i said you'd stay away a week. you lasted a day.



  • mindfield

    jimbo, are your short sentences the result of a frantic right hand movement? hey, it's okay man. just don't do it while typing.

    as for me, hurray for masturbation! hope that didn't offend anyone!

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