Do you believe God has one true organization on earth?

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  • agonus

    If the Almighty God of the universe had ONE and ONLY ONE true organization on earth with his full backing and support, I don't think it would be completely and utterly helpless in the face of even the simplest challenges to the faith of its adherents from former members. Unless Satan is FAR more powerful than God, which, by definition, he cannot be.

  • wobble


  • jookbeard

    Er, no, and it takes me one zillionth of a second to come to that decision.

  • Robdar

    No. And I avoid anybody who tells me differently.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    What Sad Emo said And according to the parable of the weat and the weeds they're not all gathered together in one exclusive organization or church.

  • tenyearsafter

    Tell your sister that you will be happy to reconsider your decision if she can show you from the Bible where it specifies an earthly organization that directs God's work. No WT literature to support it, just the Bible. Then ask her to show how that is then identified as the WTBS.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    YES, its called Ben & Jerry's. Eat up for God's sake! W.Once

  • PSacramento

    I do not believe that God has ONE organization on earth that speaks for him or Jesus.

    I do believe that, at their core, most religions tend to believe in the same things like love, peace, fellowship and such.

    I do NOT think that God needs an organization and the Bible has shown us that when God does speak to us it is through US as individuals and not those part of any organized group.

    The case of the apostles was obviously different and unique for they had a direct "command" from Jesus and they had direct contact with the Big J himself, if you believe that.

    After them, all that there was were individuals and groups srpeading the message as best they could and in their own way.

    Organization came after and we all see what a good Idea that was.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    "To add to brother PSac's thought:"

    Think of all the good examples we have in the Bible. A great number of them were seen as rebels by the prevailing "God's ONLY Organization" of the day.

  • jookbeard

    One line of reasoning I use is to explain to her that the WTS claims that there is an unbroken link of faithful servants who have represented him since 1900 years ago on earth. The Russell era spoke about the 7 saints form Revelation and he claimed to be the 7th messenger.If it is so important that God has an earthly messenger on earth which they will claim to be the WTS, then who are the other 5 messengers that God had appointed from that time from 1900 years ago to the start of Russell tenure, the likely hood is she wont know, so if she cant name those 5 other messengers it's highly unlikely that Russel could be the 7th if she simply does not know who Russell replaced the 6th. Second line of reasoning is to look at what Jesus found when he inspected his earthly belongings in 1919, well he found the Freemason CT Russell embroiled in a sexual scandal , and his most famous printed works Divine Plan of the Ages /Studies in the Scriptures closely concentrated the Great Pyramid of Gizah and it's internal measurements that pin pointed to some sort of Biblical prophesy, this is simply put an Occult practise of Pyramidology, and so to is the Occult practice of Numerology which went hand in hand with Russell's printed works. So would Jesus have selected the Freemason Russell practicing Demonism and Occult ?


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