Do you believe God has one true organization on earth?

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  • 2pink

    for those who believe in god, do you believe he has one true organization on earth? why or why not?

    word of our intended slow fade has abruptly become a public knowledge. my husband was talking to his sister on the phone today, breaking the news to her and one thing she kept bringing up was that God has to have an organization on earth.

    personally, i don't believe this is true. just curious what your thoughts are and how we could maybe get my sister in law to think about this.

  • 2pink

    btw, if you can come up with any scriptures that would back up your arguement...all my sister in law wants to talk right now is scripture

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Nope, not at all. Why? Lots of reasons.

    One, John 18:36. Jesus is unambiguous here. His kingdom is not of this world.

    Two, in all of history not one organization has adequately represented God. Not one.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    All religious organizations on earth that have ever existed have been subconscious aspirations of human imagination.

    Therefore if god does exist all religions are viably true.

  • mouthy

    No I dont believe there is any true organization on earth.

    I believe all churches TRY! to teach truth as far as they Know it.
    But I honestly dont think any one knows it all.
    As for the Cults!!! It is always a MAN/woman who says THEY got it from GOD
    But in all my 82 years I have spoken to HIM ( since 1963) & HE has NEVER
    spoken to me except what is supposedly is HIS words in Scripture ( In MY RED EDITION)
    But I do read in scripture that our Conscience is from GOD!!! So I am now relying on mine,
    But you know I probably will screw up some time or another. But so far ( since I asked
    Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit to guide ,lead, direct me. ) Seems it is going O.K.

  • Chalam

    Yes, it is called the church Matthew 16:18 Ephesians 3:10 Colossians 1:18



  • leavingwt
    and one thing she kept bringing up was that God has to have an organization on earth

    This is merely one unique interpretation of Scripture. She will be unable to find the word "organization" in the Bible. (They like to tell householders that the word "Trinity" is not found in the Bible.)

    Ask her who God's Organization was in the year 1855? She won't have an answer. Ask her who God's Organization was in 1835? She won't have an answer.

    So, when did God's Organization magically spring into existence? If she were alive in 1835, would it have been required for her to be a part of God's Organization? If so, what is the name of that organization, pray tell.

  • VoidEater

    Why does God have to have a single organization, or any organization?

    If one must insist, how would one choose The One, considering to would come down to what you were taught or what you preferred?

    Which organization was in place prior to Christ, or prior to Russell? Specifically?

  • truthseeker

    No I do not believe that God has a single organization on earth, no religion has absolute truth.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    No. That is just a notion taught by any religion that wants to control your mind.

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