"A Day for a Year": I Need a Beer

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  • GrandmaJones

    This goes to show that we (as JW's) don't question what we are taught. If it doesn't make sense, if it is nothing but smoke and mirrors and gobblety-gook, we think the problem is with us, not the WT. Perhaps the problem is that we are not "mature christians."

  • Ding


    I used to think the same thing about WW I.

    However, reality doesn't seem to deter the WT.

    When WW I turned out not to be Armageddon as advertised, the WT bunny just kept going and growing anyway.

    It's been shown beyond all reasonable doubt that the 607 date is wrong, but JWs stick with the WTS anyway.

    I think most of them have invested so much of their lives and credibility in the Society they can't bring themselves to question it now.

  • oldlightnewshite

    Farkel's analysis is excellent, some good comments too. I remember having several bible studies over the year, and asking the conductor "What?" "What?" "I just don't get it..." In the end my brain started to bleed. Then later on, when I had bible studies of my own, and we came to the Day for a year bullshit, my brain started to bleed again trying to explain it to somebody else who clearly thought it was drivel.

    This is a good thread to keep alive. One day that Farkel might make Circus Oversneer!

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