Christmas Card Count?

by lovelylil2 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • ferret

    I send out zero but as we speak my wife has a pile 8 inches high.


  • lovelylil2

    Shalom Robyn! I was thinking about you last night. Will try to give you a call over the weekend.

    I am almost done. I try to write a personal message in each card so it takes me a while. My total count will be 45 Christmas Cards, 3 Chanukah cards.

  • lovelylil2

    Yeah aunt bee, I am with you. I HATE Christmas form letters. I find them very tacky. Much rather have a personal note. If the person doesn't know enough about me to write a personal message, are they really friends of mine?

  • Jim_TX

    Well, in the past, I've been known to send out over 50 - and probably near 60 cards. This year... I think that the number is dwindling. My wife went through last years' list and has deemed that if we sent out a card - and did not get one in return - we do not send them one this year.

    Personally... I feel that is a tad harsh - and will probably allow some to be sent to folks that I may know from the forums... or otherwise. She told me that using her method - the number is down to about 20. (YIKES!!! it dropped a lot!)

    She also announced that there are none going out to England or Australia this year. That bit saddens me... as I always looked forward to sending cards overseas.

    Since - as a JW - I never got to do this sort of thing... it's kinda fun - and I enjoy it.


    Jim TX

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