Fear and pain and death...

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  • Cowboy

    Do you fear death?If so,do you fear it because of the pain that is likely to go along with it?Or because of what will become of your soul(your self)after death?

    Curiosly,I find that I no longer fear death.Not that I want to die-I don't.But I wonder if this how I should feel.

    I don't like pain,but I have a fairly high threshold of pain,I think.I'm sure there is much greater pain than what I have experienced,but though I avoid it when at all possible(including spankings...sorry chat babes),I'm not afraid that I can't deal with it if I have to.

    Likewise death,I just have no great fear of it anymore.I don't think that it's due to my beliefs about what will happen after I die...I don't have any.Sure,I was raised a J.W.,instilled from birth with the idea that if I didn't survive Armageddon,that I'd be resurrected thereafter.But I don't buy that anymore...neccesarily.Nor do I believe in the heaven or hell concept...neccesarily.I do believe that if I'm the best kind of person I can be,then it will have to be good enough for whatever,if anything,lies beyond the life I'm living now.

    In talking to others,though,I find very few(if any)people who don't have a pretty high degree of fear about death.It has me wondering,and I'd appreciate your comments.


    We ride and never worry about the fall
    I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

  • tyydyy

    Very good question Cowboy,

    My answer to that would be:

    I don't fear death but I do fear the pain that it would cause to those I love and those who love me. I feel that I have something to contribute to society (nothing grandeous) and I feel an obligation to do my part.

    Great question though. I do not believe in heaven or hell by the way. Just death.


  • ILoveUncleBruce

    Hi again Cowboy. Pain is the only thing I fear about death.. I want to die in my sleep. No pain in that.

  • Cowboy

    tyydyy-I very much agree,I fear the pain it would cause loved ones,and as I said...I don'y want to die.I've got alot left to to do,too.

    ILoveUncleBruce-Given a choice,I'm with you.In my sleep would be the way to go.

    We ride and never worry about the fall
    I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

  • cellomould

    I don't fear death....

    After all, we have all been previously in a state of non-existence. Forever and ever before we were born, that is.

    Death is kinda like that all over again.

    Doesn't really hurt, does it? ;)

    By the way, I just had a pretty morbid dream in which I knew I was going to die (violently too) so I was talking myself out of fear.

    Kinda interesting.


    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • ladonna


    I am rather like you. I do not fear death in the least. Yes, the pain of death, but I know that with modern medications even that can be more or less erased.

    I also do not have any belief in heaven or hell. I believe this is it; life is not a rehearsal for the real thing.

    If you are feeling depressed Cowboy, and some of these thoughts are worrying you, please go to your GP.
    Don't want a depressed Cowboy on board.

    BTW, you have my email addy at all times.


  • butalbee

    I don't fear my own death or any pain of dying. What I fear is the death of people whom I love and don't want to lose.

    Although, after studying with witnesses, I now find myself totally freaked out about no life after death, in terms of my soul. All that common grave crap.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    i don't fear my own death at all. but i do however fear the pain that comes from death of friends and family. i totally can't deal when someone close to me dies. i don't even want to think about it.

    but, i often find myself fantasizing about my own death (don't get me wrong, i don't WANT to die) but i get really lost in thoughts of death, ways to die, what after-life/lives there may be, and so on...

    meh. life's good. have fun.

  • wallaby jack
    wallaby jack

    G'day butalbee,

    I was raised a witness but now think ones spirit, soul or whatever may well survive. I've long gotten over being freaked out by things the ignorant Brooklyn boys said about life and death, in fact if you check out Focus list of 1,000 Watchtower lies you'll think it safest to always believe the exact oppposite of anything ever put to print by them. How can one group of men be so wrong so consistantly is mind blowing.

    cheers, unclebruce

  • wallaby jack
    wallaby jack

    G'day Mango girl,

    Your thoughts about death are perfectly natural. Even when i was just a little kid my mates and i used to joke about death all the time. We'd try and outdo each other with thinking up "famous last words" and stuff like that.

    We'll be dead one day sweetheart but maybe it'll be the only time our souls meet lol.

    cheers, unclebruce who spent much of his childhood shooting his friends with an imitation cowboy gun ;)

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