Donations needed.(Frequent flyer miles)

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  • wallaby jack
    wallaby jack

    This is all very flattering girls but the truth is my heart belongs to wasasister. If the patience of that gorgeous long suffering woman holds we may meet sometime this year and sail the unchartered sea of love.

    I know this will come as a great blow but it's for the best (except for poor wasasister)

    Now all of you stop having impure, lustful fantasies about me and go back to your boyfriends and lovers. Am I a prize to be bargained with like some exotic toyboy? Am I some pretty boy pinup to be printed on the ironing board covers of bored and frustrated housewives? Am I some egotistical male chauvinist riding the backlash against politically corrected new age guys? .. yeah well, maybe the last one .. ooo 'riding the backlash sounds good .. uhem.. where wasa i? .. oh yeah ..

    that photo is a dud I tell ya! Don't get all hot and bothered over silly photos .. Hippikon stuffed it up .. i look much uglier than that .. just ask anybody! ... that's just the outside .. inside i'm even uglier .. i scratch my crotch when i think no ones looking .. i can't read a book without leaving coffee and vegemite stains on every second page .. i fart uncontrollably and blame the cat .. i've never slept on a waterbed or satin sheets in my life .. everything i know about love i learned from ancient chinese and indian texts .. i can't drink much beer, two or three pints and i wanna fall asleep .. my memory's shot .. my lifes a mess and so's my room .. i fart iuncontrollably and blame the cat .. oops i said that already .. told ya my memory's shot ..

    oh dear, i think i just scared wassa away too :(


  • ILoveUncleBruce

    Is there anyone out there in need of a good looking lovable woman? I enjoy lots of things(most of all sex)oops, did I say that? Yeah, I think I did.

    I don't think I want a man with bad habits such as Unc. But friends with bad habits I can handle. You can always kick them out when they get on your nerves. he he

    Lilac's, Still hopeful class

  • ladonna


    Forget UncBruce and his post. You are one "cool dude".
    After reading all about Unc, *ughhhhh* even the most desperate case on the forum would not be interested.

    I am so happy I laid my claim to you mio amore` before Unc made his distasteful post.

    May he and Lilacs have a happy life


  • wallaby jack
    wallaby jack

    phew ..

  • cellomould

    dang UncleBruce,

    you have more nics than George W Bush!
    I don't know if that's good or bad.

    he he he


    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • wallaby jack
    wallaby jack

    What about you cellomould? Got any other handles i should oughta know about? lol

    unclebruce: 999 posts and can't post again without sending his anti-startrek principles down the tube ... another fine mess i got myself into LOL.

    My secret JWD alias's: wallaby jack, zerubberballs and zerrubberballz.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    bruce, get back to the! i win ana and lilacs...i win!

  • WildHorses


    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  • ladonna


    You're welcome to him hun

    I'm off with OUTLAW!!!


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