Donations needed.(Frequent flyer miles)

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    Hey Uncle Bruce,You are in serious trouble dude!There`s women willing to travel the world just to rattle your bones(one in particular)LOL..Son,you had better start lifting your weights and taking your vitamins.I do believe these women intend to tag team you.We`ll probably hear your screams all the way to the Great White North.LOL..UNCLE BRUCES new MOTTO:"IF you hear me screaming don`t help me!"LOL...OUTLAW

  • Dalila

    I do not see the need for any nasty talk because I admire a mere specimen of a man.

    There is another I find most delectable anyway,

    Maybe he had better start on with the vitamin also.

    Dalila muchos besitos

  • ILoveUncleBruce

    I wish I knew Ladonna. Don't worry, she has nothing on us.

    OHHHHHHHHHHH Unc!!!! Come out, come out where ever you are. We have a surpeise for you.


  • hostage

    Thinking UncleBruce is one lucky dude.


  • ILoveUncleBruce

    Dalila, you like those cowboy types. Can't say I blame you. They like to get down and dirty lol

  • Cowboy

    Did somebody say Cowboy??? that's a lovely name

    'Nuff Said


    We ride and never worry about the fall
    I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

  • ILoveUncleBruce

    After I get through with UNC, this will be his poem to me.............

    My eyes are getting heavy
    As I begin to drift off to sleep
    A smile beams across my face
    In hopes that I see you in my dreams
    Every night as I drift off to sleep
    Im reminisce on the memories of you & me
    The way you held me
    The way you kiss me
    The way you made love to me
    everything about you
    I do miss but everynight
    As i drift off to sleep
    I hope & pray to see you in my dreams
    because that is the only place I can be with you
    And feel relaxed at ease and complete
    ....For now anyway.....
    So tonight as I drift off to sleep
    Please know that I am thinking of you
    Missing you and dreaming of the day
    when I will once again be happy
    with you here next to me

    Oh the passion I feel in side. It burns deep within my soul.

  • Dalila


    You have not the touch of a real woman.

    My words to him will be soft and gentle.

    Il est doux,
    Il est bon,

    a` matendresse....voici


  • ILoveUncleBruce

    Le amo con un amante tan puro. Mi corazon es su hasta eternidad. Vivo y respiracion para usted. No puedo conseguir a bastante de usted. Tocamos, con todo eso no esta bastante cercano. Le deseo dentro de mi alma. Puede usted sentir mi amante?

  • ladonna


    Ah, you are really doing such a good job with the *up herself one*.

    UncBruce is ours
    She can have Outlaw, LB, all of the others

    Nah, not OUTLAW, I kind of like him for the backup.

    UncBrucey Babe,

    Che faro senza uncbruce, dove andro senza il mio ben?
    Che faro, dove andro?

    Rispondi? Rispondi! Oh Dio!

    Mio amore Unc Bruce

    Take that Dalila


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