Rocky Horror

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  • julien

    My personal favorite Meat Loaf song:

    Heaven Can Wait

    Heaven can wait,
    And a band of Angels wrapped up in my heart,
    Will take me through the lonely night,
    Through the cold of the day.
    And I know, I know,
    Heaven can wait,
    And all the gods come down here just to sing for me,
    And the melody's gonna make me fly,
    Without pain, without fear.

    Give me all of your dreams,
    And let me go alone on your way.
    Give me all of your prayers to sing,
    And I'll turn the night into the skylight of day.
    I got a taste of paradise,
    I'm never gonna let it slip away.
    I got a taste of paradise,
    It's all I really need to make me stay
    Just like a child again.

    Heaven can wait.
    And all I've got is time until the end of time.
    I won't look back.
    I won't look back.
    Let the altars shine.

    And I know that I've been released,
    But I don't know to where,
    And nobody's gonna tell me now,
    And I don't really care. No, no, no.
    I got a taste of paradise.
    That's all I really need to make me stay.
    I got a taste of paradise.
    If I had it any sooner you know
    You know I never would have run away from my home.

    Heaven can wait.
    And all I've got is time until the end of time.
    I won't look back.
    I won't look back.
    Let the altars shine.

    Heaven can wait.
    Heaven can wait.
    I won't look back.
    I won't look back.
    Let the altars shine.
    Let the altars shine.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Mum, where is this blessed amphitheater?

    I have a funny Rocky story. A number of years ago, the company I worked for sent me to a training class at the company HQ in an east coast city for a few weeks. I thought that while I was there I would see what, if any, Rocky observances were being celebrated at midnight on Saturday in that town. I happened to find a co-worker from my office who was in town for different purposes, but he too was stuck there for a couple of weeks, so we teamed up for dinner and stuff. He was Mormon and wanted to visit the site at which the angel Moroni delivered the golden tablets to whatzisname. I was kind of interested, from a sociological point of view, but I told him I would go do his thing if he would come see Rocky Horror with me at midnight Saturday. He agreed, not knowing quite what he was in for. Needless to say, he got pretty uptight when some of the performing audience started running up the ailes in their undies. I'll give him credit - he stuck with it and saw it through to the end, but HE was as much a show as anyone else there.

  • rhett

    First time I saw it in a group setting I ended up running around in my underwear in October in Indiana. Later on that night at a party I ended up with even less on! Such a great night......

    I don't need to fight
    To prove I'm right
    I don't need to be forgiven.

  • hungry4life

    Bat out of Hell is the best. I threw my original copy away when I started studying (yeah I know ) but as soon as I came to my senses I bought another copy. My favorite is "For crying outloud" also "two out of three ain't bad". As for "Rocky" I never could get into it but I would love to go to a theatre to really experience it.

  • CoolBreeze

    "Don't dream it, Be it"
    - Dr. Frankenfurter

  • tyydyy

    Everyone knows who Meatloaf is......One of the worlds great actors.
    He starred in the Texas classic......Roadie.
    He is probably more famous for his role as Bob with Boobs in Fight Club.


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