A Message of Love, Comfort & Hope For 2002

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  • Farkel

    One of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses took the time and kindness to e-mail the message of the "Good News" Jesus said to spread to all the inhabited earth:

    "u are a idiot as u no from the bible jehovah does not care how big the organization from isreal to the early christians they were always the gross minority do i sense bitter jealousy? of jehovahs people judas? satan s earth soldier? so the prophecies are correct to the world we are small but to jehovah we all 6.1 million of us and growing is a wonderful thing so live in the darkness stupid one who is soon sure to die i cant wait....... then we all will have the lst laugh u patriotic nationalistic dummy u are the dummy we are with jehovah mistakes are made moses daniel others..... but all still where right in line with jehovah so preflood person part to egyptians of old we will soon see as u can tell from world events its all going to the crapper..... whos the dummy lol i cant wait"

    He is so enthusiastic, he just "can't wait" for that wonderful new Kingdom of peace and love to be ushered in! What zeal! What a fine hope! What JOY!

    I'm sure this true and faithful representative of Christ Jesus is using his finely-honed mastery of the English language in a productive way: either in the housekeeping or food service industry.


  • Satanus

    Thanks farkgod

    Perhaps a street hygiene person, or social services user, or stay at home live off parents family person.

    SS praising the lord (which one)

  • mindfield

    Oh my god that was so funny farkel!!! I was expecting something with beautiful vocabulary and nice paragraphs, and I just laughed when I read the first few words!! LOL!!!

    Keep 'em coming, man!

  • HoChiMin

    Onward all you "NY Taliban" soldiers kill, kill, kill. They spread such love I could just shit my pants.


  • zerubberballz

    Hay Farkel,

    I no that guy.

    unclebruse RollingOnTheFlawLaughingOutLoad!

  • Esmeralda

    What glorious verbage. What loving, uplifting Christian sentiment...

    He must've taken the time to write this during his lunch break from the Writing Dept. in Brooklyn.

    Thanks for the laugh, Fark. You get such intreguing hate mail *lol*


  • Esmeralda

    Oh, and I forgot to add...this is JUST the sort of guy I personally want to live forever in paradise earth with...


    Oh god, if I have to live forever with people like him, just kill me now LOL.

  • jayhawk1

    Two questions:
    1) When did Fred Hall start teaching English in public school?
    2) I know the Society discourages College, but when did they start discouraging all schooling past the third grade?

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

    Jeremy's Hate Mail Hall Of Fame.
    http://hometown.aol.com/onjehovahside/ and Kylishhlee@aol.com


    Hey Farkel,that is funny.Did some moron actualy send you that?..LOL..HAPPY NEW YEAR FARKEL...OUTLAW

  • ladonna


    I did NOT open this thread and expect you to have turned to mush
    But, did someone really mail this diatribe to you?

    If so, and you can check the ISP, check out Unc's ISP against this morons


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