as a JW were you comfortable with this question?

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  • Perry
    so what your saying is, unless i join your religon god will kill me? .... i never saw a single one answer that with a straight answer

    Excellent point. I saw many people lie when asked this including elders.... I asked one elder this and he said "well we can't play judge". I immediately fired back "Well then how can you judge me". Silence.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I would read the scripture that says that everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved. Then I'd ask if they wondered how people could call on that name? When they wouldn't have a clue I'd say that "we" were making it known just as everyone else who knows it has the same obligation. Faith in Jehovah thru Christ was the key. Its up to us to seek him. Those who let me get that far usually ended the conversation friendly. W.Once

  • thomas15


    I would have answered as I honestly believed as a Dub, that God can read hearts and would only put to death those who would never live a moral, Christian, life.

    This would beg another question, if God reads hearts, then He would know that some of those in field service are not pure of heart. If that is the case, then some JWs would be killed and some non-JWs would not. Which would imply that being a JW is not needed to be saved from Armageddon, only living a moral Christian life. This would actually be perfered (if you ask me) because that is the standard from which God judges us (according to the logic I just made up).

    But of course I believe that we are saved by faith through grace in the living Son of God as outlined in Acts 16: 30-31


  • gubberningbody

    I answered that with a "no". That followed with "Then why are you here?". I said "Inertia".

    That prompted a smile, chuckle and an invitation to come inside.

    The guy gave us some coffee we chatted about his boat and stuff and afterwards he took the magazines.

    When we left the nonplussed younger non-baptized JW said to me:

    "That was cool. You know brother X, I like you because you never go elder on me."

    I told him. "Isn't it amazing what can happen if you tell the truth?"

  • greenie
    greenie seems that a lot of you here that are exJWs subscribed to varying translations of the same feeling - that not just all JWs go to heaven paradise Earth. Do you think there's any connection between that sentiment and leaving the WTS? Like, ultimately if you had that feeling the JWs were perhaps not for you? Do you think the die hards who stay in for life think that truly only JWs will be saved? I could see where if you didn't believe in that exclusivity, some of the impetus to remain a JW would diminish. Any thoughts?


    a few times in the ministry i would find someone clued in who would ask the JW on their doorstep " so what your saying is, unless i join your religon god will kill me?

    "We don`t make that decision..God does.."

    Thats the Bullshit Answer I got from 2 JW`s at the door..

    It`s rare to have a JW be truthfull with you..

    You literally have to trap a JW into speaking Truthfully..


  • VoidEater

    As a JW, I would have answered the question with a question:

    Don't you want to be part of those that will for sure be safe?

    Ew, I think I just threw up a little...

  • Leprechaun

    Mary Christmas - After I thought about that question that they asked, way back in the day, it was then the blocks of control (I call it the castle of control) began tumbling down. I guess my father who was a big time dub didn’t raise no fool after all.

  • DrJohnStMark

    I was never really comfortable with that and finally, as I have mentioned earlier, that was one of the main things that made my belief system collapse. At some point as JW I even had had an idea that the WT society might eventually see the book of Jonah have an unexpected completion... In this the point of view of also some of my older JW relatives was more close to Russell's thinking than to Jehovah Witnesses' thinking... my father sometimes read Russell's books along with the more recent WT crap. In retrospect, Russell's writings look so silly (I read them through a couple of years ago), but at least Russell gave some (unfounded) hope to almost every human being.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I always answered with it was all up to God because he could read hearts. I never believed God was going to kill most of mankind.

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