I met the perfect man.....

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  • dearone

    But he was worldly. I am 38 and single because I was waiting on Jehovah to provide a husband for me. A few years ago I met the man of my dreams. He was everything a girl could ask for and more and guess what he liked me to. But my conscience wouldn't allow me to get involved with this beautiful man and I've regret it everyday since. Why was I so stupid. I prayed, begged, petitioned God for a husband. I was so desperate to find someone with whom I could share my life but satan kept sending these worldy men. Is satan stronger than God. Why did he always seem to answer my prayers. Why did I let my future slip away why oh why oh why?

  • KingAgag

    I am sorry for how you feel. Sadly it is yet another example of how the Governing Body ruins lives with silly rules. They teach that anyone not a JW is evil and 'worldly' but then as you saw there are people of your 'dreams' out there. I honestly have met more good honest people in the 'world' than I ever did growing up as a JW. Shame. But you know what? You are only 38 - yes I said 'only'. Its not like its too late to do anything! If you give up then the silly old men in JW HQ are just wasting even more years of your precious life. Live it!

  • mouthy

    That was because you were not listening to God ,you were listening to an Organization..
    I would say go out now.Join a singles club,meet many worldly men!!I think you might
    find a few Christians there, Also many Churches have singles groups,I was just at a Church
    this last Sunday to see an EX JW get baptized as a Christian ,there were 3 other EX JWS
    that attended that Church,& a few were telling me how GREAT their love lives were ,ONLY
    since they left the Watchtower...So my girl get going,38 is still time to find a decent mate.
    Good Luck, Opps I mean Good fortune We were not allowed to mention luck were we?

  • leavingwt

    Waiting on Jehovah -- A Full-Time Career Since 1879!

  • babygirl30


    My mother used to tell me this saying that burned in my HEAD and to this day still haunts me - she would say "Satan will give you your hearts desire for 1 act of worship". Now she would say that because I would always tell her that I would NEVER leave Jehovah's org, and that the only way that would happen is if I snagged an 'athlete' and was set for life! -hahahahaha.

    I've never had an issue meeting JW brothers, but they were NEVER really what I wanted...they were either boring, or mamma's boys, or way too straight laced for me, or just NOT my type physically. In amongst my 'career' as a JW I have dated 2 non-JWS, and to this day I regret how I treated them and how things ended. Neither one of these men EVER hurt me - neither one ever disrespected me, never treated me as a 'lesser vessel', never made me feel as if I was spiritually weak for being independent. One of those guys I fell madly in love with...and thankfully he and I are together today (reunited AFTER I was DF'd but remained friends throughout my years of being a JW).

    My point is that you cannot change the past - you did what you did (letting the non JW go) because THAT was what you believed back then! That's what you were supposed to do...so you shouldn't be upset over that. I think it's really cruel that we have it burned in our heads that if we just PRAY and ask Jehovah for a mate, he will bless us with one - because I've seen sisters get married without effort while others prayed and traveled all over the place looking for Mr Right in the org. So you're telling me that Jehovah chose HER over YOU to get a mate? Do you really believe that?

  • DJK

    If you imprison your heart and intend to open it only to what's available (the few in the KH) then you end up with something that just might be second best. In the end, you may never be happy or feel totally complete.

    As for the perfect man you feel you lost, don't think about the "what could have been/s." It'll drive you crazy.

  • trueblue
  • Elsewhere

    When I was still a JW (teen years and early 20's) I "behaved" myself and passed up several opportunities to date several girls who were either "worldly" or "not spiritual enough" due to pressures from my parents and other JWs. Each of these girls would have been an excellent girlfriend or even wife due to our chemistry.

    From time to time I think back in regret for not standing up for myself and going out with at least one of them. Who knows how things might be today.

    Don't pass up this opportunity. You'll end up regretting it like me.

  • EmptyInside

    It might make you feel just a little better to know you're not alone in this. I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm going on 37 and still single, because I was holding out for a JW man. I really began to resent all the advice I got from sisters who married in their teens, telling me to hold out until the new system. And then, the ones who prayed for a husband, when they weren't even officially divorced from their worldly husband. Yeah, I can see Jehovah blessing that union. They weren't very encouraging at all, it just made me feel worse. And I must admit, I used to be among those that looked down upon those ones who dated and even married worldly people. But, now, I don't blame them one bit. I have a close friendship with a non-Witness man. And I actually told him last night that he's considered a worldly man to JW's. He wasn't insulted at all. He said that was a rather apt description of him. Anyway, hang in there, I'm sure if you broaden your horizons the right man will come along. But, there are no perfect men, or women for that matter.

  • caliber

    " Waiting for the perfect man "...LOL ....

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