I Need To Vent...

by LisaK 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tina

    Hi Lisa,
    Restraining order! You were being hounded and harrassed. A citizen does NOT have to put up with that. And some JW's need to get the clue that their cult behavior is not above the law. Best of luck,Tina

    Vive Bene
    Spesso L'amore
    Di Risata Molto!!!

  • ISP

    Do you owe someone some money or something!?

    I would n't worry. I've had a number of visits. I insist on appointments. They never make them and I say I am going out soon and cannot talk etc. If they do want to make an appointment...I have in mind saying 'sometime real soon'....very Brooklynesque. But if there is no judicial process started you have very little to be concerned about.


  • wonderwoman77

    Why not just tell them to please leave you alone. Tell them that you no longer want to be a part of the religion. be honest...

  • Prisca


    Just be firm with them. If the elders turn up at your door, tell them that you are busy and can't talk right now (especially if they turn up during breakfast!)

    Thank them for their concern, but that you will contact them when you wish to talk to them. Until that time, request to be left alone and wish them a good day.

    Just remember that you are NOT under their authority, and they have no power over you.

    Stay cool.

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