Write letters to citizens of Warwick New York exposing the Watchtower org.

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  • rebel8

    Letters to the editor have been empirically shown to change opinions.

    As to this topic, I guess my question is, what is the aim? To stimulate citizens to oppose wts ownership of property there, to get them to contact their local government to prohibit wts from buying the property? Then that's a good aim, but use a specific call to action in your letter (ie, "Call your councilperson today to tell them to vote no to wts development").

    They already are against it but perhaps getting them to tell their elected officials of their opinion would affect a vote. Of course, it would need to have an appropriate reason, not anything that smells like religious prejudice.

    If it's too late for that, then what's the goal at this time? To educate Warwickians to be on guard for door knocking cultists?

  • DerrickNSyracuse

    The community in Warrick, NY should be aware of the potential dangers pose by this high control group, and those who are former Jehovah's Witnesses should be willing to provide the local officials of the facts about the Watchtower Society. I know that I will be discussing this on an open forum, Insight on The Word Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insightontheword), tonight at 11 PM U.S. EST.

    I like to hear from others who are Jehovah's Witnesses and coming across this news.

  • minimus

    MONEY for the town is what will motivate the officials, nothing else.

  • moshe

    They should approve the re-zone for the WT org-

    on these conditions:

    A- the rules for the shunning of all ex-members will be dropped. There will be no sanctions for any member who has personal contact with a former member.

    B: No-blood transfusion cards are cancelled and the KH medical committee disbanded. An official statement is released that blood transfusions and all other medical procedures are a personal decision and the WT Org and it's representaives will no longer be involved, give guidance or public censure.

    C: The WT Org will also build a public charity on it's grounds of at least 10,000 square feet in size,ie, a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, orphanage, etc. The budget shall be no less than 1 million dollars/yr

    As a community they should not help any religion that kills it's members, destroys families, and fails to render charity to the community in exchange for it's tax exempt status.

  • RubaDub
    Let's start a campaign of letter writing to the officials of Warwick,as well as making comments on web news releases concerning the Witnesses moving there.

    I agree.

    We should start a letter-writing campaign to have the new headquarters moved to Detroit.

    Rub a Dub

  • WTWizard

    They better watch out: I wonder if the Washtowel Slaveholdery intends to use dirty, polluting coal to print up its littera-trash. If so, they are going to create even worse pollution--and give nothing to the community in return.

  • treadnh2o

    This could end up in court.

    And the WBT$ has far deeper pockets than the municpality.

    It would better serve the community to allow it than to fight it!

    Money makes the world go round! If the WBT$ wants it I would bet an awful lot of money they can get it.

  • rebel8
    MONEY for the town is what will motivate the officials, nothing else.

    MONEY for the town is what will motivate the officials, plus favor of the voters, who will keep the officials in office, which pays their paychecks.

    /fixed that for you

    Worth repeating:

    To be specific, there is a United States federal law that provides some protections for religious organizations attempting to develop property. Titled the "Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act" (RLUIPA), the statute seemingly limits the ability of municipal governments to enact zoning laws that restrict religious land development (something that currently is being challenged I believe). Any zoning ordinance regulating religious buildlings that is reviewed by a court will trigger "strict scrutiny" (most rigorous form of judicial review in the US) whether it is actually discrimintory or not.

    This law has plenty of flaws, but it goes to great lenghts to protect religious land use. If anybody in Warwick's government made a decision based upon the claimed "dangerous practices of the Watchtower society" as described by ex-jws on the internet they would be up shit creek without a paddle.

    Advocating for such a law to be violated would raise questions about the ethics of persons doing so.

    Again I would suggest--decide what your aim is and then do something (ethical) in accordance with your aim.

  • hubert


  • hubert

    If you click on the article link, you'll find new comments in that section.

    Has anyone else anything to add?


  • flipper

    I just posted my 2 cents on the responses to the news article . I find it ironic that the article keeps mentioning " campuses " being built on this prospective property ! WTF ? Is this the BS that the JW attorney handed the council members to make it seem they are opening a training center or university for young people or something ? The WT society loathes " higher education " - even deletes elders and MS's nowadays if they insist their children attend college ? Is this once again the WT society's way of saying " do as we say " - " not as we do " ? Figures. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • AllTimeJeff

    Flipper, I notice that the word "campus" is quickly becoming a GB favorite for propaganda. As if they are really interested in learning....

  • flipper

    ALL TIME JEFF- Interesting. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware they are using that term more lately. Been out 6 years- I don't remember it from back in the day. Seems like a very devious misleading use of the word to me. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • AllTimeJeff

    It struck me because many of the tour guides at Patterson talked of "being on campus" when they passed by the school area. It was another screeded off area of bethel designed to create an aura, to disguise the smell of shit coming out of it....

  • lrkr

    Please post lots of comments on the newspaper's webpage. The link to the page is circulating among active witnesses around the states. The right comment or link to this site might spark their curiosity!

  • WhereWasI

    I bet there won't be any "bulletin boards" on their campuses.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Lots of people use the word campus to denote the grounds of an institution, whether it be a medical facility, university, or in this case a religious organizaitons headquaters.

  • lrkr

    Campus is an architectural term. Dont get caught up in fighting about that. Just like some homes have "cathedral ceilings" even those owned by JWs.

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