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by Ozzygal 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • DJ

    There is no reason not to make sure of all things. If there was nothing to hide, there would be nothing to fear. WELCOME! love, dj

  • cain

    hi ozzygal and welcome to the bored.

    in answer to your question - let me ask you another - who decides what you think? You or the GB? (essentially the board of directors of a global book publishing company known as the WTBTS). It's that simple really.

    I hope this helps and welcome back to the real world.

    regards Cain

  • shotgun

    Wow..talking about raising cain..this thread is 4 years old!

  • CelticBoy

    Hello Ozzygal,

    well there is a book called ..........em what is it..........? JW handbook, called something like "anwsers for eternal life" or something,

    anyway, it is basicaly the guide for converting others........on the very first page it states, that a person should be encouraged to look at their (now remember we're talking about potential converts here, not JW'S) religion in a very critical way.......to "make sure of all things"......

    Well, very good advice, apply it to the Watchtower.......and go where your god given intelligence takes you.


  • PaulJ

    Is this digging up old threads day? Welcome Ozzygal... even tho you said hi 5 years ago.... we muct be a bit delayed over here..... ho hum

  • defd


    there is nothing wrong with being on the internet. The Slave does not condemn it, they just caution us against its dangers. The internet can be an effective tool for many things.

  • ozziepost
    Is this digging up old threads day? Welcome Ozzygal... even tho you said hi 5 years ago....

    Strange indeed! I wonder why?

  • EastCoastMindFree

    Deep down inside you probablyhave hunches and feelings like, "If we have the one true religion that is the only channel by which God directly beams his truths, then why is the organization so worried that we will not look at or read ANYTHING that isn't produced by them. They certainly do ALL the time and were even members of the United Nations to have access to materials and research. If it is the one true channel then no website or book should be able to enlighten or shake up ones faith.

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