Yet Another Putdown of Women! – KM March 2015

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    This has been going on since before I was born, over 60 years ago.....Blondie

    I can remember being at a book study..

    There was only women and children,no men..

    The Female Book Study Conductor had to put a covering on her head because I was there..


    .........................................................When Your Done,Get Me some "Juice" WOMAN!!..

    .................................................................................BE QUICK ABOUT IT!!..

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  • gone for good
    gone for good
    ''Qualifications'' are required to pray to invisible people? Really?
  • cofty

    They are only following the good book.

    Paul was very clear that women should shut up and get pregnant.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Apostate hat suggestions:

    1) Minimize it!
    What's the 'pioneer spirit'? The teeniest of tiny hats, and the rounding up of unproductive hours.

    2) When the elders point out that your tiny hat is unscripturally small, the new pioneer fashion is the largest of large hats! After all, since only the elders see your Publishers Record Card to judge your spirituality, let all the sheeples (including the bitchy elders' wives) see how very spiritual you are by your ginormous hat!

  • jwfacts
    For example, a very young, perhaps preteen, baptized brother might attend when a sister is assigned to conduct, but the elders feel that he is not yet qualified to conduct the meeting.

    So a child may be considered the spiritual head of a woman.

  • sparrowdown

    What is "spiritual head" anyway?

    I'm sure that's why most men get baptized - they just imagine all the "spiritual head" they will be getting.

  • Quarterback

    OMG...This is quite the post. I don't know whether to laugh or to feel bad for the poor women that subject themselves to this crazy ritual. This is such primitive thinking.

    How do you give the appearance that you are not conducting, when you are conducting? I guess it's like the days when you were in school and chewing gum. We all chewed gum, but did so in a secretive way. Perhaps the sisters should turn the lights off in the room when the Service Group is being conducted. That way they can hear the voices but not see who apparently is in the room, or who is conducting.

  • SAHS

    Excellent comments, folks! It all goes to show just how ridiculous and backwards the teachings and policies (opinions) of the WT leadership really are.

    I recently attended an event in a church community center, and I checked out an item on their bulletin board listing the scedule for “ushers.” As I thought, the names listed were pretty much mixed between males and females. Aside from women preachers (mostly non-Catholic, I assume), I’ve noticed that all the various administrative positions and general duties of service within churches and in spiritual community-based organizations and programs are freely mixed among the genders. I showed a non-JW man a photograph of the WT governing body, and right away he asked me, “No women? They’re all men. How come there aren’t any women?”

    JWs are so used to that extreme misogynist crap within the WT leadership and membership, but to any normal people outside of the WT, it just seems bizarre, nonsensical, and plain extremist. Most JWs by far, especially born-ins, don’t really realize just how different they really are from everybody else.

  • WTWizard

    This is utterly contemptible. I have had this problem--as a "brother". I would get the arrangement completed, only to have an assistant hounder show up 20 minutes later and undo the whole thing. I don't care who did the arrangement--if a "sister" has it mostly completed, and a "brother" shows up 20 minutes late and insists on finishing, that is going to waste more time (remember, they are trying to limit these things to 5-7 minutes so the machines can get into the territory and waste time, gas, and resources faster) redoing everything.

    Where common sense would have had whoever is most qualified, this arrangement defies common sense. Many times, it is the "sisters" that know the territory and how people work better than the "brothers" ever will. And why do they need to have something on their head, besides the hair that is naturally there? Is that going to make the arrangement any better? Or, is this yet another example of blatant bigotry within the washtowel? This is the sort of hate article that is without any grounds whatsoever, and only suppresses half (or more than half) of whatever competence may exist in order to force people into submission.

    Usually, submission to a bad arrangement at that. Often, you get idiots that do not know how to arrange a group. People are put together that do not get along, or that are poorly matched (say, someone that has to be home or at work by noon with someone that wants to stay out until 5 PM or later). Frequently, this idiot will crash a group so he can bully someone into submission. Worse, they are a good 15 or 20 minutes late, so they thought they had a tolerable arrangement and be on their way only to have this rubbish.

    And they wonder why Satan is against the washtowel? I hope they get their just desserts for this crap when their Israel mission crashes and burns. And I mean things like black magic used against the whole religion, people out their life savings on the plane fares and double-donating for expensive littera-trash, and having the dollar abruptly becoming toilet paper while they are in Israel and leaving them stuck in Tel Aviv. Maybe they can be integrated with the country they so idolize so they can leave everyone else alone.

  • the comet
    the comet
    Just got back from the sales..i mean service meeting, where we went over this part. It was BORING! People going off on how loving these reminders were, and boy jehovah sure is speeding up the work! Ranting a bit here but geez this meeting was just painful to sit through

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