What has happened in the last 10 years since i left? Scandals? Doctrine changes?

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Hi everybody. I have been out since 1998 and have rarely seen another JW since. I didn't leave because i found anything wrong, i just didn't want to live the life anymore. I still defended the witnesses at times. I still believed it was the 'truth' and that they were the one true religion.

    Now, well i aint so sure! Ok, after looking at this forum for a few days and not being able to sleep i am well aware of a lot of the stuff from the 70s and 80s. You know, Ray Franz's books, chronolgy shifting, definition of 'generation' changes (have they made more changes since i left?) , Malawi and mexico etc. Not to mention child abuse etc and individuals horror stories about the organization.

    What i want to know is what about the 1990s and 2000s? Surely an organization as colosal as the WTBS has more skeletons coming to the surface? or have they cleaned up their house? Perhaps they have tightened up the sphincter and no crap gets out anymore?. I want current stuff as i am going to try and get my teenage kids to not be 4th generation robots. The G/B is right... dont say anything about mistakes and sooner or later they'll all forget. The new generation has no idea about last century... ancient history to them.

    The only thing i have found so far is about them being NGO with the U.N till the early 2000s.

    What have you got? What do you know?


  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    You probably don't have the time but this will shed a light on some of it. Info you can use to free your kids.


  • yknot

    The WTS still interacts with the UN but not as NGOs

    They are NGOs to the OSCE and attend their conferences yearly

    In 1997 the WTS Legal made an agreement with the Bulgarian Govt over blood and coersion. Ajwrb has a nice complilation of the documents involved. http://www.ajwrb.org/basics/abandon.shtml

    2000s have mostly seen scrambling to explain away past Rutherford proclaimations like 1935 (gone), generations (changed from 1995's opinion in 2008 and expanded in 2009 via AGM but yet to be in the publications)

    2000's layoffs of older Bethelites, selling of non-US Bethels, plans to ditch NY digs, continued buying in upper NY......

    GB is mostly made up 'newer' GB..... In 1999 Guy Pierce (alleged to have bullied sexual abuse victims into silence), Sam Herd (first African American), David Splane, Stephen Lott were added (all but Pierce/Herd (b.1930s) are born in the 1940s. In 2005 the GB got it's first members born in the 1950s Tony Morris and Geof Jackson.

    Truth came out about why we went to a 'donation' based literature distribution from that of listed prices..... all steming from Jimmy Swagart's lost court case in California over taxation.

    I am sure others can add more....

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Don't go throwing the whole trash cash over them. They will probably stop listening as soon as you ID yourself as an apostate, so you have to make your first play stick. Make it a good one. Whatever your current plan is right now, it is not going to work, so do nothing until you have good solid workable plan.

    The primary doctrine is Jesus selecting the GB in 1919. This is your primary target. You will not get them out while they still believe that.

    Their 1919 date is propped up on 607. Kick the sand out from under that.

    Don't tell them it is wrong. Instead, ask them to draw you up a list of kings. Do not let them sidetrack you. Try to get them to tell you that the king list is correct and the WT isn't.



  • yknot

    I agree with Black Sheep......

    The biggest thing that most JWs have a hard time accepting it that the Org wasn't appointed!

    Reading the Russell era and more importantly the Rutherford era helps anyone who believes in that myth to let go of the fairytale.

    The Judge briefly mentions 1914 as the invisible coming once in 1930 and than switches back to 1874.......it is not until Knorr/Franz's first book do we see 1874 replaced by 1914..... The Judge also retro-deactivates holy spirit in 1930 all the way back to 1918 in his continued revisions away from Russell's original enthronement and parousia dates of 1874/'1878 .

    Instead of just lumping 1918-1943 into a 'refining' period, the reader sees the development and discerns the desperations of Rutherford to keep his books and writing relevent and in the public......the reader learns that while Xmas was ditched in 1927, birthdays continued until the 50's, they get a taste of the medical quackery of Woodworth too via the Golden Age (pre-Awake) who later gave us that monstrosity of an interpretation against medical use of blood.

    When a JW says oh that is old light, you simply point out that no it is still relevent and the GB made much mention of the period in 2008 even to the point of mentioning 'The Finished Mystery' in the WTstudy.

    Oh that is one more thing I forgot to mention......1914, 1925 & 1975 are officially as of this 2008-2009 DC season admitted errors due to the Slave's """over eagerness""" ......(my mom about fell out of her seat when Geof Jackson (GB) said that from the stage!)

    .....but wait....they have demonized the internet and much of computer technology but now they only send and receive BOE correspondence by their site www.jw.org and now will even have PDF WTs available next month!...... and speaking about sites.... they even have a donation site called www.jwgift.org and now accept debit and credit cards from R&F!

    The Regional Building Committee has suffered some losses too recently due to scrutiny by Govts over non-profit status and the WTS loan interest scheme.....so unless a building project was approved before Sept 08.....they ain't building because they no longer collect interest on those building loans and are ceasing building plans on the congregational level until they can figure how to recoup that 3%.

  • jamiebowers

    I'm not sure when the Rand Cam thing came out... and a multi-million dollar lawsuit settlement over child molestation...and the definition of generation changed recently; sorry can't remember what the current meaning is. I could hardly keep this shit straight when I was a dub...legal department hiding sick children to keep them away from life saving blood transfusions.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    WHAT! 1914, 25 and 75, admitted errors? man i would have liked to have seen that!

    anybody have further evidence of this, anything... how was it worded?

    when my kids are at my place they will spend all day on the net if i let them! It also explains why they still dont have it at home though.

    thanks all, keep it coming!

  • Lillith26

    Whats changed in the last 10 years??? not a lot really... it's still a CULT

  • Lillith26

    A GREAT website to show your children is http://www.jwfacts.com/ there is more... lots more... but like Ynot said "they (WTBTS) have demonized the internet".

  • pat1060

    They keep making small changes in the expressions.Book study-now bible study-family study now-family worship night.Lumping all the meetings.Bible study,ministry school,service meeting all the same night.The public talk is 30 min,followed by watchtower study 45 min.Meetings are shorter to make more room for STUDY and ministry...I can also remember the DC one of the GB saying they made some errors,they thought we would be in new system by now....This is wonderful information from all of you...Thanks. These aren't really doctrine changes but still changes.

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