Slightly weird mess-up by the Society...service meeting part

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  • babygirl30

    It still used to crack me up that they had to TELL the friends NOT TO COOK IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM! -hahahaha. But I swear, inevitably, there was that ghetto family that didn't give a rats, and they were frying chicken on a hot plate in their room...having the whole hallway smelling like a southern cookout! -hahahahaha.

    Oh...and all that talk about wearing your badge at all times - even OFF the convention premises. Really? So we're all supposed to be humble and NOT draw attention to ourselves, yet wear our badges and suits/dresses for 24hrs and DRAW people to quesiton us about our attire and our nametags? Am I missing something?????????????????

  • minimus

    That postage must've cost a pretty penny.

  • sir82
    That postage must've cost a pretty penny.

    Ha! You're behind the times, Minimus.

    All BOE letters are now sent electronically through the website.

    Jehovah is speeding it up in his own time!

  • blondie

    Not as big a screwup in 2002 when the "blood cards" were printed incorrectly.

    used the phrase "no allogeneic" (blood from someone else) and seem to imply autologus (your own stored blood) was okay. Sorry the scans don't se

    Where is the WTS headed with their blood policy?

    By Lee Eldersenior AJWRB member

    Recently Jehovah's Witnesses learned that there would be no pocket size advance directives (blood cards) issued this year [2002] and naturally, this has created some speculation as to the reason.

    03/1999 Blood Card-image 1

    If you are carrying or possess the most recent "released" version of the card which was published in March 1999, you will find it interesting to note that a new version was in fact prepared for this year and published in June 2001. The cards were shipped to some congregations and probably a few were actually distributed to members who were baptized over the summer and fall in congregations that ran out of the older version.

    About a month ago, congregations were informed not to distribute these new cards, but rather destroy them. The difference is one line where the older March - 1999 card states "I direct that no blood transfusion [see image 1] (whole blood, red cells, white cells, platelets or blood plasma) be given to me...," the June - 2001 version reads "I direct that no allogeneic blood transfusion [see image 2] (whole blood, red cells, white cells, platelets or blood plasma) be given to me..." So the difference in the cards is the use of the word allogeneic in the June 2001 version.

    06/2001 Blood Card (not distributed) -image 2The word "allogeneic" refers to intraspecies genetic variations. Therefore, an "allogeneic" transfusion is one derived from the blood of a different person. The implication here is clear. The Watchtower Society stood at the threshold em to work any more.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Blondie - Yeah, I remember that one and that has to be one of the biggest screwups of all time. I was secretary at the time and if I recall correctly, we actually sent them back. I remember thinking at the time that was a big waste of postage that we could just throw them away. But, it also got me to thinking more seriously about the blood policy since I knew what allogenic meant.

    It was one of the thing in which the motar around the bricks began to loosen!

    Edited - I could very well be wrong about the returning of the cards and I'm sure the link is more correct on that detail than I am.

  • minimus

    Sir, can we hack onto the site?

  • parakeet

    What's going on at HQ that they miss such an obvious error as this?

    They laid off the brother in charge of that. He's back home, living in his parents' basement.

  • wantstoleave

    Maybe they had a different person assigned to that this year and he/she just forgot? Could be a number of things I suppose but does make you wonder how the editor, or whoever, missed such an ingrained yearly thing. Never knew about the blood card thing, yet I was still an active witness as that time. Hmmm

  • MissingLink

    These were not mistakes! They were finely planned events to test the faith of the sheeple. Jah's ways are amazing.

  • WTWizard

    This strongly proves that the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger does not have any holy spirit. Otherwise, they would not have made such a stupid error (the Grand Boasting Session reminders for 2010, or the blood card mixup).

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