No gorillas in paradise!

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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Funny thought this morning, while seeing the movie trailer for Robin Williams and John Travolta's new flick, Old Dogs. In the movie, they accidentally end up in the gorilla enclosure at the zoo while trying to rescue a child who is stuck in the zoo after hours. The trailer shows one of the men being cradled in the arms of the seated gorilla--the actor's "singing" soothes the gorilla.

    It occurred to me then that the paradise pictures by the Society always have lions and cheetahs and elephants... but no gorillas that I remember!! I mentioned it to my wife--she doesn't remember any witness ever mentioning how they looked forward to having a gorilla in the new system.

    Random thought! ;-) So, what other wild animals were banned entry to the new system via picture omission by the Society?

    P.S.--I'm sure somebody's going to find and post a picture from the Society's publications of a Gorilla In Paradise™, now!

  • Anator

    Gorillas? What about mosquitoes and leeches.... will they finally obstain from the blood issue in paradise? These were always omitted from the society's photos.

  • blondie

    *** g98 1/22 p. 18 Visiting the Mountain Gorillas ***Their favorite food is the marrow of the giant senecio plant. They also enjoy wild celery, the roots of certain plants, and bamboo shoots. Sometimes they even make a "salad," mixing bamboo shoots with green leaves of thistles, nettles, galium, and various roots and vines. "Why aren’t the gorillas stung by the nettles they grab and clean?" someone asks. A guide explains: "They have a thick layer of skin on the insides of their palms."

    We are enjoying this peaceful scene when, suddenly, the huge male stands up on his feet, beats his chest with his fists, and gives out a horrendous, nerve-racking scream! He charges one of the guides, braking to a halt just before reaching him. He gives the guide a fierce stare! But our guide does not panic. Rather, he squats, grunts, and moves backward slowly. It seems that the silverback just wanted to impress us with his strength and power. Believe me, he succeeded!

    The guides now signal us to get ready to leave. We have spent a little over an hour with these wonderful, peaceable creatures, as guests "in the mist." Though brief, our visit has been one of our most unforgettable experiences. We cannot help but think of the Bible’s promise of the coming new world, in which man and beast will permanently be at peace with one another!—Isaiah 11:6-9.

  • jamiebowers

    Scorpions, tarantulas, cock roaches, rats

  • Robdar

    No gorillas in paradise? Then that means at least half of my ex boyfriends wont be there!

  • creativhoney

    it just made me think of this song

    But there are no cats in America
    And the streets are paved with cheese
    Oh there are no cats in America
    So set your mind at ease

  • creativhoney

    actually it sounds like a new song by Phil Collins

  • cantleave

    actually it sounds like a new song by Phil Collins

    According to a Cadbury's advert - Phil Collins has evolved into a Gorilla.

  • creativhoney

    cantleave I know thats why i thought of it lol

  • brizzzy

    That's too funny. As a kid, I wanted a pet gorilla and a pet orca when Paradise came.

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