Did you ever feel being a JW was like ...

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  • Butterflyleia85

    dgp, they have to be open to allow it. Justifying it in their mind. My mom always had friends that were "worldly" She felt much compassion for them. It seriously depends on the person!

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    No, I never treated other people badly, but always had niggly naggly feelings that somehow it wasnt alright, being in the organisation, then there was the ever changing theology, how the y spoke of others outside, how they spoke of people on the inside and behind their backs, the mind control stuff, like when you brought the subject of wrongdoing up on part of an elder, like it wasnt allowed. I lost my family through it, they are still in, we are seperated. But, there is worse stuff than that.

    I always felt like shit at the meetings, never refreshed, and it was always the same old drivel, and i dreaded going to the meetings, and felt, that "worldy" people had so much better qualities, that they were somehow for real, instead of the plastic dummies in the borg.

    I wish now i never got involved, its like a bad dream, only, some things still remain, and I am not over a lot of stuff yet.

  • dgp

    I surmise, then, that some people don't believe that non-witnesses are despicable people, but keep their opinions to themselves. Others do think we're despicable. And others see the contradiction in preaching love yet despising others, but find ways to sweep the cognitive dissonance under the rug. That's OK.

    Did any of you ever feel that YOU, YOURSELVES, had built a wall that kept the worldlies from loving you?

    I will make this the subject of another post.

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    Christ preached loving our neighbours, but what this cult preaches is something far more differant, and when you read the bible you will see all the contradictions between what jesus said and what these people actually do, and in judicial meetings, or shepherding, they tend to pull out awake and watchtower magazines and point to what their self appointed fds have said, and dont open the bible.

    Jesus really rattled the pharisees over their ways, because he said, they were placing burdens on the backs of people that they themselves were not willing to touch, and by means of their self made laws, they made the word of God invalid. So, when so called "worldlies" see this, take note, its not soon after that they wish no more association, but more brain dead ones accept all these teachings without reserve. And these self/man made laws have destroyed the lives of many, they have caused untold harm in the destruction of young innocent lives of abused persons, they have divided families and ruined marriages, things which I am sure have never come up into Jehovahs heart. My own marriage for one, was ruined by a child abusing German dub and one of his friends (GP), who still stand up to preach. And as Lady Lee, a poster on this forum, and experianced counselor would tell you, the abuser doesnt get kicked out, he just gets moved on and the abuse is just perpetuated. But, if such ones lived by real bible morals and principles, then of course we wouldnt be on this board and writing and complaining all about it continuously.

    Paul said something about worldly people living according to the law, though not having it, but they have it written in their hearts. Even in Jerimiah, I think, there is this illustration about ebedmelech, he held fast to the law of his forefathers and didnt deviate from it, yet the unruly and wayward pharisees of Gods house didnt even respect the law of moses, or the one who had given this law to moses. The real worldly ones are JWS, and the longer you spend time with them, then you will see this how they bend and twist everything to suit themselves. They talk about keeping the congregations clean, so how does the child abuse scandals, the UN affair etc figure into keeping things clean?

    Sorry, I just dont buy it anymore, and if you are to love your neighbour as yourself, then you should do it, how is shunning and avoiding worldly people love? and besides, during the time when there was no rain and famine in Israel for 3.5 years, Elijah went and resided with a Samaritan widow, and this rattled the pharisees when jesus recounted this to them, so make your mind over by what really is the perfect and acceptable will of God, and not that of any man or organised religion.

    So, "worldly" people, well I would forget that misused adjective, and just see people as they are, and in the "world", there are people who do have way by far better qualities than any dubs, and if you get into that club, well the chances are their ways and views concerning the world and people in it will rub off real quick, and remember jesus condems this, and in the book of james, it is condemed the looking down on the poorer person, as the bible says, there is no partiality with God, for it is the very will of God that all come to know him and attain everlasting life, so how can people come to know him when people like the dubs have this attitude? Their works can really be seen through the faith they demonstrate, and its not a good one.

    Dgp was right, he said in another posting about trolls and use of theocratic warfare to pick fights-dear friend, just forget it, walk away from such nonsense and view them as weaker persons that have no skills in communicating with others, so they resort to their covert, yet very subtle threats, christ didnt do it, and his followers should follow suit.

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