1984 And The Watchtower

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    No Longer Held Captive, you're a troll. Show me WHERE I posted that I was looking for a specific person in this board, and tell me WHO that specific person was, in case you know. Where did I write that I would go back to the WTBS, since I have never been a member? Now you're saying that I have the same "initials" as someone else. How come you know someone "similar" to me if you don't know me?

    You're a troll, man. I will ignore you and will keep reading and posting to people who are here for real.

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    Well, suppose a troll is better than being a womens knickerthief, paedophile and general pest to the public.

    Being a troll beats being any one of these hands down. You seem to know so much about the wbts, yet are not a member. The person I know was also not a member, he studied the bible for 15 years, the elders got sick of him. But, his wife was a jw, but a one foot in and one foot out one.

    Good luck George, good try. When do we get the 6000 pounds back that was weedled out of my mums purse before she died....shall I tell the posters that story George?

  • dgp

    No Longer Held Captive, you're using one of the tricks of the Watchtower. It is called an "ad hominem" attack, and it is described in full Ray Franz's In Search of Christian Freedom. Just for the sake of the people who will eventuall read this thread, you could not produce any proof of what you said. You just called me names. You attacked me, without even knowing what I look like or where I am, and that is the way you expect people to think that whatever I said here cannot be true. So, I will repeat it again: Being in the Watchtower is like being in Oceania as described in George Orwell's 1984. It is all the same thing, except for the fact that the Party didn't promise an imminent paradise, but one that seemed unreachable. The rest is just the same, and that is because it responds to the very same thirst for power.

    It is very possible to learn a lot about the Watchtower without being a member. All you need is being able to read and write, and using Google, which is not particularly difficult. This forum provides a wealth of information. So do Freeminds and JWFacts. Crisis of Conscience, In Search of Christian Freedom, Combatting Cult Mind Control, Releasing the Bonds, Out of the Coccoon, these are all freely available books, and I got them and am reading them. And indeed, I was a lurker for many months. I also was in contact with a witness, who tried to convert me, and gave me the WTBS's Bible, the book "What Does the Bible Really Teach" and, of course, your old friends the Watchtower and Awake! I suppose witnesses don't do that with everyone, do they? I hadn't realized that this person was indeed giving me all that was needed to make me "study the Bible", shorthand for "taking everything the WTBS says as true".

    No Longer Held Captive: next time, please have something to say.

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