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  • penny2

    Welcome Aussie Oz, hope you find answers to your questions here.

    penny (from South Australia)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum. It's good to see another Ocker here.

    Have a gander at this thread. I reckon it's one of the most important ones here and is the closest thing we have to '607 vs 587 For Dummies'.



  • blondie

    some of these posters try to assure us their elders know and have no problem with it. Could they be lying..........

    on top of that i'm a bit confused to find both Jw and 'apostates' on the same site... what gives there? i mean, when i was a JW, we were always taught to stay a LONG way from the 'bad guys'. that means if you are a 'good JW' you should (according to the GB) not be on a site mixed up with us disfellowshipped etc... and if you are from the GB or one of its appointed to moniter 'apostates' then you are part of the double standards...
  • jamiebowers

    Welcome. There are a few Aussie exjws on You Tube: Brinjen, ICheruBI and YAHWEHtoHELL.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Thankyou black sheep for that link.

    and to all wishing me well on this trip. Honestly, i am getting angrier, shocked, dumbfounded and downright amazed by the day, people!

    Now, a little more of my little story.

    First warning bell that i didn't even hear... On fine day, there i was sitting in the front row at the KH, about 4 weeks i think after a CO visit. Anyway, my relative PO announces that I have just been appointed a Ministerial servant! Holy crap batman! They didn't even tell me first! They never even sounded me out while the CO was here. Just BAM!

    at the time i was stunned. i just sat there thinking i dont qualify and dont want it. I knew i didn't qualify. I, like so many had my own secret sin, struggle against the flesh etc etc. Well, i couldn't very well stand up and 'whoa!' i just quietly decided i had to try to live up to this. Try harder than ever to now beat down my imperfections and be a good christian.

    So on i go, doing everything expected of me. By the time i became a regular pioneer, i really wanted to. Or i think i may have talked my self into wanting to? As a young married guy with no family it's pretty much expected and promoted that ones in this situation go pioneering. So, i set a date, quit my job and the wife gets a part time job. Still struggling with 'sins of the flesh' i apply to be a regular pioneer and hey presto!

    I must admit the 3 years of regular pioneering were good times. We had nothing and didn't need much. After some distastful encounters with another servant i decided it was time to get out of the little country town with its congregation made up of about 3 prominant families. We applied to serve wher the need was great. All aproved. Re-appointed a servant in the city. Applied for Bethel service on the build of the branch in Sydney. Approved. By the time i got the letter inviting us to bethel, the wife was pregnant and well that was the end of that.

    As i look back on those years, ther is one overiding thought, That ties in with how the governing body works too.

    Through all these years of appointments and responsabilities, every time an appointment is considered, every time it is made, The elders and COs involved pray about it. seek divine guidance to make sure they are appointing a truley spiritual man...yes?

    then how is it, they constantly advanced me? I had sins of the flesh, that by the time i applied for pioneering, Bethel, and was a servant in my new congregation, the elders and COs involved KNEW about my 'sin' weekness.

    my thoughts now on this? God cannot be guiding these men. When they pray over a brother to consider him for whatever, he is not listening. If he were, he would tell them something is wrong. Same i found out just a few days ago about the GB. God is not with those men. If he were guiding the colosal enterprise it would not need a dozen or so guys to agree by majority to make policy, they would all simply be of one thought. I mean, if he got 70 odd guys through history to write the bible its a no brainer to get a bunch of guys filled with the holy spirit to be of one mind.

    next installment... my downfall...

    cheers all

  • yknot

    Glad you have joined!!!!

    I am one of those who are still 'in'......... the best way to understand is to discern that "we" discern the truth about the 'troof' but are in the process of 'fading', or remain captive due to other reasons.

    Have you checked out the 'Best of' section on JWN? I think it can anwers many of your questions on more 'scandalous' WTS happenings.

    See you on the threads!.....

  • jamiebowers

    If your "secret sin of the flesh" was masturbation, the elders already knew about it. Why, because it is completely normal, and the only people, especially young, single people, who don't do it are liars, LOL!

  • Robdar

    God cannot be guiding these men. When they pray over a brother to consider him for whatever, he is not listening. If he were, he would tell them something is wrong

    Welcome Aussie.

    Did it occur to you that maybe your "sins of the flesh," whatever those were, are not sins at all? Maybe nothing was wrong and that is why God was mum about it.

    Not that I think the org is spirit directed, just thought I'd ask.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    yep Robdar. looking back not a sin at all. What i thought was a sin i now see it (as does my lovely 2nd wife) as what any 'normal red bloody male gets up to'

    i can tell you, when i left, i went to a counselor for help. she said she had NEVER seen anybody with such a low self worth. this is what this religion does for you. It took two years to recover. after that, i have never felt so good, so guilt free, so accepted for who i am as i am today.

    When i did my 'fade' i was a M/S. i didn't have a fade plan, i was just horribly messed up and depressed and was so self beaten down by being unable to meet the high organization standard.

    i started to drop my public talk duties in the home congo and around the city. started to miss meetings. stopped going door to door altogether. Fessed up the wife and elders about a few things and made plans to move out (note:no adultery/fornication here folks)

    i was so damn mixed up. And you know what? I was in the surf drowning. There i am waving my arm in the air for help, and all my friends are on the beach looking and going "oh, look! he's waving at us!" In the 8 weeks i self destructed not ONCE did ANYBODY go "hey man, are you ok? haven't seen you a you need to talk etc"

    None of my f***ing friends even bothered to call in. oooo, writing THAT made some old anger come up! And my ex wife still a witness , was more concerned about how this made her look.

    man, i can't wait to be able to post more! gosh darn these newbie limitations!

    cheers all

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