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    let's start with the first one!

  • Robdar
    let's start with the first one!

    Hooray! Another smart ass joins our forum!

    Welcome, Beachwalker.

  • beksbks

    Yes welcome BW, and you too Aussie!

  • Beachwalker

    I've been here a while, just keep a low profile, but when somebody's asks a question, well, what can I say!


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    oops, first mistake... a blank post!

    i have been out for 11 years and only in the last few days have started to look at all this stuff. Maybe my next post should be a bit of a BIO? do you people like to know?...

    As for questions, i mean, Mexico/malawi cards, 1914, ray franz, jonsson's treatise, child abuse, U.N. involvement, GB policies, 'organization' Vs bible, double standards for GB and publishers, cover-ups...

    on top of that i'm a bit confused to find both Jw and 'apostates' on the same site... what gives there? i mean, when i was a JW, we were always taught to stay a LONG way from the 'bad guys'. that means if you are a 'good JW' you should (according to the GB) not be on a site mixed up with us disfellowshipped etc... and if you are from the GB or one of its appointed to moniter 'apostates' then you are part of the double standards...

    I'm not critisising anybodies right to be here and say what they want, just VERY surprised.

    Anyway, as i seem to only be able to post once every 13 hours i guess its gunna take a while to ask all i want. Unless i write one giant one! LOL


  • AdaMakawee

    Welcome Aussie! Yes I'm surprised at the amount of JWs that come here too. Some come out of curiosity and actually learn something that assists them to start thinking. Others come to "tell us off" and then stay awhile to argue before going on their way. One or two spend a considerable amount of time trying to convince us the errors of our ways and spout of jw-speak and jargon that we have all heard ad-nauseum.

    You'll get more posts after a few days of posting when the admins see that you aren't some type of flaming troll here to curse and damn us.

    I look forward to hearing more of your story.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Okey dokey.

    well i guess maybe ill put a bit of my story up now. Not a startling revelation, no abuse or juicy gossip/

    My mum became a witness when i was about 10. Parents broke up within a year i recollect. Mum blames dad, dad blame JW. You know how it goes. In talking to them over the last few years i realize that they had problems long before JW happened along. Mum is still a witness but none of her 5 kids stayed with it. I did the longest. 28 years. Now, i can't say they were bad years, i was bullied and picked on a school for the religion and being in a small town i was kept out of 'trouble' on a short leash. Moved out of home at 16 but stayed with witness relies (who could keep an eye on me). got baptized at 18, Travelled around, didn't get up to any serious miscontucts (but was a little soiled by the world) and returned home and married at 22.

    life was not too bad. playing house with a young wife. With no kids, there was though the 'soft pressure' or almost an expectation they we should go pioneering. I remember one day an Elder and a Ministerial servant did a shepherding call... The MS called me an idiot. I had no reason to not strive for 'privledges' and was not. I must admit i took a bit of offence to that!

    Eventually we did go pioneering, i guess we wanted to but when i look back, that was the start of me living a life where all i had to do was do what was expected.

    that'll do for now. i'll add to this later.

    since i found this site and the information on it, i can't stop thinking.

    thanks all

  • yesidid

    Welcome Aussie,

    Talking about JW apologists, one of the most annoying is one of your fellow countrymen, the self styled "Scholar".

    But don't worry, we wont hold that against you.

    Another Aussie has the most brilliant exposure of the WBTS, jwfacts.

    If you haven't checked out his site, do so when convenient you will enjoy.


  • Lillith26

    Welcome Aussie..... G'day Mate

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